Belkin Sucks!

May 2nd, 2003

Do not buy a Belkin router. There are perfectly decent, cheap wireless AP/router combos in the world. Not a Belkin.

Besides being crappy, ugly, poorly documented hardware, with a horrible configuration inteface, where they make up their own little mini-jargon rather then using standard terms, and besides the fact that we still haven’t been able to make the Mac talk to the router, Belkin is evil. They are showing popup ads for Belkin products on my home network! I understand the approach of APs out in the world proxying http requests to a login page, its a useful way to have a login, or share information about a project as I’ve mentioned.

But there is absolutely, no possible way to justify Belkin thinking they have the right to show advertisement on my home network simply because I’m using their crappy hardware.

Belkin sucks. Do not buy one. I’m going to go return this thing for the people I’m visiting and get them something decent. I think I would prefer 2 tin cans on a piece of string, but they might not realize it was an upgrade.

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  1. linksys rules says:

    I tried using a wireless belkin USB at a hotel that broadband connection was open connection.I had just the morning brought it at local walmart for $35. once at the hotel, installed the USB adapter and drivers, well, after 30 minutes of trying to use it (could connect to router, but not internet.) gave up and tried every way to make it work, even as far as reinstalling it. still failed. tried tech support, waited for 25 minutes, got to tech, told problem, TECH DID NOTHING TO HELP ME, no settings checked, no questions, and worse was transferred to RMA to return it to them (stunk.) I then was asked for account information, which I DID NOT HAVE, transferred back to tech support, returned to walmart with crappy product. linksys card works just fine. still had problem with connection, but once I DISABLED ISP software, card then worked. AVOID BELKIN SUPPORT, it stinks.

  2. F|_|CK belkin says:

    belkin sucks! they should fallow linksys and sniff their shit all day long in hopes of learning how to do things correctly. they are the biggest, ingrown, infected, cunt hair to ever make it in the technology industry. They have the worst installers. tack on tons of extra shit that ends up breaking other stuff. i don’t understand how they manage to complicate the simplest of tasks. from a God Damn router to a fuckin wireless card. i have never run into so many issues while installing hardware in my life. charging per hour on estimated time quotes is not a good idea while dealing with belkin fuckups (products). If shit can go wrong it will when belkin enters the picture. i will never recommend any product they ever produce. thank you for reading my rant. i want my 4 hours back you jack asses!

  3. EX-Belkin user says:

    I bought a Belkin PCI card for my wife’s computer and ever since have had problems with random crashing (random only in the fact that it only crashed while attempting to access the network). I called Belikn about this on 3 occasions on never got anything more than “It’s a Microsoft issue, you’ll need to contact them”. I finally said F**** the Belkin and picked up a Linksys instead installed it and have had no problems at all in 2 months with no reconfiguration of the PC at all. Belikin said it’s a Windows problem, I say Belkin is just too ignorant to fix their own crappy hardware. Stay away from ANY Belkin product!!

  4. BELKIN SHIT. says:


  5. Ryan says:

    Belkin sucks ass. After 2 hours of pinging and /ipconfiging, I’ve had enough of this piece of shit. Fuck you belkin!

  6. Brandon says:

    Already went though 3 linksys routers that were pieces of shit. Then went to try Belkin, only to realize the SSID doesnt show up in the wireless network connection list. What garbage. Dont even have any user manual or software or anything. Im gunna return this fucking shit and get a dlink. Hopefully they are better.

  7. Augustine says:

    Don’t buy Belkin.

    Their stuff does not have proper documentation.

  8. Belkin sucks!!! says:

    I got a pcmcia wireless card for my notebook and it worked fine for about 2 weeks. then one morning i turn on my pc to find the software will not start. i uninstall it, go to the belkin site to download the latest drivers. sounds simple enough. takes 10 minutes to find the download center, 5 minutes to find my card, then find the drivers are WRONG!!! I find some drivers eventually to find they’re 2 years out of date and won’t work with wpa-psk security. so i can take the the card back and get a better card, or have less security and a massive wep key to remember

  9. zetan says:

    Sure as hell it is shit! Bought the Belkin wireless g router f5d7230-4 for 40$ CAD. It connects… sometimes, but everyday I have to reboot, shake the router or pee on it to make it work. What a piece of crap. This should not be sold as a usable product. Joke, a big joke. Do NOT consider the upgrade of the firmware with Openwrt or ddwrt for this model. From what I read it used to work for the versions under 1400. Right now, in Canada, (july 2007) they ship the version 6000 which is not compatible with both open source firmware. Also, I only run Mac and linux platforms. So I can affirm that the Belkin router problems are not due to Windows, it is generalized for all OSs.

  10. Belkin customer service sucks says:

    Besides the product being crap, and being on the phone monthly (on hold forever) with them to no avail, the language barrier is something of a problem. They are going to send me a new router because they are jacking me around making me think mine is broken. So, they ask for a credit card number. I say why do you need this? They need it in case I do not return my current piece of shit router. Like who wants it anyway? I say, OK, but you won’t take this money out of my account. No, we will wait a certain number of days so you can return your router. OK so fine, 5-7 days for delivery, and I need to return. 5-7 days for that for me to return it.

    Looked online at my checking account the next morning and sure enough $175 taken out for Belkin. Called customer service. Can’t do anything about it, that RMA order has gone through. No, you CAN do something about it, that is just your policy. You CAN credit my accout. Must go to “Escallation.” Escallation, of course, is closed. Not open until after the weekend, business hours. So, I don’t have this $ available to me. It won’t be available for probably something like 15 days. They should be reported. I will try to figure out how.

    I hate incompetence, and Belkin and their stupid customer service are truly the leaders in that.

  11. Jackie says:

    Belkin sucks!! I’ve gotten Belkin Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse like a year ago.. now I switched to Vista and bummer.. no Vista drivers :(

  12. 15 year tech vet says:

    This F5D7230-4 router is the biggest piece of crap that I have ever seen. And after 15 years in the tech industry I’ve seen alot of crap. This router is comparable to windows ME or for you newbees a steaming pile of elephant shit. If you are a support tech for Belkin just shoot yourself now and save yourself the pain of trying to tech an electric paper weight. I want to thank the corporate dildo that stole my $35 when I purchased this 5ft transmitting, no firmware update having piece of crap. I have tried every way known to man to make a leather purse out of this pigs ear with no result. And for any Belkin techs that may be surfing this blog because your three months at Freds tech school/ tatoo parlor/ truck driving school payed off in getting your $6hr Belkin tech/ telemarketing job. Either become a real tech or please do us a favor and go back to plumbing for a living. I understand both jobs involve dealing with shit, but for the rest of use who are REAL techs please quit helping a bunch of crooks steal money. 😉 Have a nice day………………

  13. nasTdude says:

    Belkin sucks, i recently bought a router from harvey norman, and the piece of shit thing barely works, i can use my internet but my downloads seem to pause everytime i try and download, so i installed a download manager and aparently my connection speed drops to nothing (but i am still connected) then it comes on again. i thought hey maybe its just something in the environment interfering with my connection so i tryed the internet on the comp that the router is connected to and it still does it.

    i absolutely would not recommend belkin to anyone worst products to buy ever.

    Cheers. Belkin Go Stick it.

  14. WANNABUN says:

    Wasted 6 hours on and off trying to configure a Belkin G router with no success on a windows xp laptop or os x powerbook. Bought it abroad so unfortunately wont be able to return it. How Belkin can sell this shit?

    An Apple airport express took 3 minutes to get a stable wireless network up and running on osx and xp machines.

  15. Graham says:

    Wireless G adapter: requires intimate knowledge of witchcraft. FUCKING USELESS.

  16. Nikki says:

    Belkin is about the most useless piece of “hardware” I have ever purchased. Who the hell develops a product that allows the user to “enjoy” 10mins of internet usage?

    How hard is it to make a router for a home network of a whopping TWO computers? How dare you shysters call yourselves a real company! Mother of Christ let me get rid of the flu so I can take this piece of shit back to best buy in a hurry.

  17. dr. paul says:

    belkin wirless G router is a pain in the ass. i did call tech support many times.. actually got some help but still get disconnected daily.i used to get disconnected hourly. belkin blamed my sat connection and my sat comp blamed the router. hours of wasted time for nothing. on top of that the sat installer took me for a ride by charging me 3x what it cost at best buy. at the time it saved a trip to the store. wish i went to the store and got a reliable router. now i’m on the hunt for a hassle-free, reliable router. most likely will get a buffalo.

  18. Chris-liverpool UK says:

    Hi, purchased a Belkin wireless internet USB adapter, after a week it stoped working. arranged for a replacement to be sent out, then a week after getting the replacement, the same thing happened with that! so took it back to PC world and the guy told me Belkin were ‘shit’ and gave me a Netgear adapter instead – which works PERFECT.

  19. revolutionhmfc says:

    all true and dont bother trying to phone belkin up its a waste of time and money they all speek in broken english and they have the common sense of a retard.i was going to try and get this sorted but instead i mite just stamp on my router and maybe have a little cry..

  20. Ex Belkin Customer says:

    Their UPS warranty requires the consumer to pay shipping- care to guess shipping fees on a lead acid battery? $30 in my case, for a product that was DOA within 1 minute of plugging it in. We’ll see how long the second one lasts…

  21. Frank says:

    Just got rid of my belkin router for a NETGEAR ohhhhhhhhhhh so good. When i set up m belkin a couple of years ago it took like 2 hours, NETGEAR took like 2 minutes. I can easly rename my network, switch between NAT on/off (for xbox live) connect with mac and pc and ipod touch and i’ve never been happier. The reason I replaced the belkin was because for some reason i couldn’t connect 2+ things wirelessly when I had a password on and my ipod touch didn’t even work when a password was enabled. Now I can have my lovely wpa password and feel safe and secure and relaxed.

    Buy NETGEAR you will not be dissappointed, i just bought one today and it was the best decision I ever made (in terms of networking and the likes)

    I don’t work for NETGEAR btw

  22. belkin costomer says:

    i brought a belkin for my laptop and ps3 the frikin thing jus gave up on me it freezed wen i downloading they ,, why do they sell such perthetic thing to us fukin shit

  23. belkins sucks says:

    belkin sucks do not buy it. the thinking of belking makes me want to brake it into pieces. belking is garbage dont buy it ok. if you buy it your a loser. you are warned belkins router suckssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  24. Graham HATES Belkin says:

    Belkin = SH1T

    Tried install Belkin USB Wireless Adapter – the installation software has totally messed up Windows XP – The desktop freezes after it loads – I cant even get into SAFE MODE!


    Unbelievable – now i will have to re-load Windows XP and ALL my programs, this will take a few days!

    Totally pissed off – their support is crap too (phone and email)

  25. Iain says:

    Personally I avoid Belkin like the plague. Having just quit pcwoe I can tell you that there are major targets for the sale of belkin, norton and their extended warranty over any other product.

    I’ve had a Linksys router for about 4 years and have never had a problem with it, whereas my g/f has had both the HellHub (BT HomeHub) and a Hellkin Wireless G router and had nothing but problems with bother.

    I tried to get a number of Belkin wifi cards working under linux – I now have no hair left!

  26. Dakam says:

    I bought me a belkin router for 30 dollars USD.

    Thought it was a good deal, and it worked for a few days. (The one mentioned in the first post) I also bought a USB adapter.

    both died. Called tech support, waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. Got a replacement.

    Used said replacement. It died.

    Called again, they ignored me. (about a year of dealing with these problems)

    a few minutes ago, after dragging the thing out again to get a workgroup share working, It wouldn’t even do that.

    I grew angry. Unplugged everything, plugged it back into another router and threw the belkin router as hard as I could onto the floor.

    It broke in two.

    Worse, I think it’ll still work..

  27. tchad says:

    I work in tech support. when people call with a connection issue – i already know its going to be belkin or smc. They ruin my day.

  28. Inner says:

    I brought one from GlobalPC, the pile of shit worked for about a month and crashed, so I went back to globalpc and got another one, the fucking thing keeps dropping the internet every 24hours or so, so I carefully and sadistically pulled each play out of the back of it, hot wired it directly to 240v watched it melt and ran over it with my car, it’s now on it’s way back to Belkin, happy birthday mother fuckers!

  29. Nazzareth says:

    This Belkin router is the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen. I think it needs a flamethrower put to it. I don’t know why i’m even writing this because it will most likely drop the internet connection anyway.

  30. JC says:

    Belkin routers suck bigger than anything I’ve seen as of yet, you can’t connect to WoW with one or network a printer, after two days of frustration (I’ve got A+, Net+) I beat it to death like a rented mule, felt great. Now I’m going to wise up and get a Cisco.

  31. dave says:

    Yea, my F5D7230-4 is a replacement for a CHEAP Linksys that I had and subsequently fried (totally my fault). The Linksys was like 20 bucks more that this Belkin piece of crap. If I could go back in time I would definitely spend the extra 20 bucks to get something that WORKS. This is a wireless router, but I have it hard wired to my desktop – it still drops dead every few minutes. DO NOT BUY BELKIN!

  32. bob uk says:

    I’ve tried to set up three belkin networks and find them impossible to secure. belkin need to improve their manual, and support. simplify please.

  33. Claud says:

    I wish I would have run accross this site before I bought this P.O.S.! It’s nothing but a big ass headache…I’ve been trying to figure out how to connect it for hours now, but it says it’s missing the driver–THE HELL!! I see from reading this that I just bought the crapiest sorriest excuse for a wireless connection and I may as well throw in the towel now and not waste any more time. Sorry ass company…..

  34. concerned. says:

    got a piece of s**t belkin wireless router hooked up to my adsl internet, it d/c’s every 15 seconds or so and lags me like a bastard. i have tried it on every channel there is and it still does it.

    gg Belkin, you deserved that lawsuit.

  35. F****** Fuming says:

    How incredibly naive of me to think that setting up wi-fi with a Belkin product would be a relatively simple procedure, heck maybe even an enjoyable one. Belkin you’ve just robbed me of around 5 hours of my life. I want them back you bastards.

  36. PFM says:

    Belkin sucks, Linksys sucks, so far I have found happiness with D-Link. Faster and more stable than either. When buying a Linksys product remember: It will only last one day after the warrenty expires.

  37. Belkin Hater says:

    DO NOT BUY BELKIN… the prob. is that the whole electronics world basically sucks (unless it’s a Mac product). They suck up our money on broken or ineffective products, give crappy customer service and then waste our time trying to get the issue resolved. I have wasted so much of my life on electronic woes. Belkin is another stick on the fire. We need a revolution against these crappy companies who think they can suck us dry, pay their executives millions and then ship the manufacturing and customer service overseas. BELKIN SUCKS!

  38. P V says:

    Their “Windows Easy Transfer” cable & software crashed my PC big time! Had to get an I.T. engineer to fix it (£££). Belkin didn’t want to know, and many weeks later, I’m still trying to even acknowledge I exist! Customer “support” – don’t make me laugh. Technical “Support” – sent me 1 email, to which I immediately replied – Nothing from them ever since. This has been going on for weeks. All I know is: “I’LL NEVER BUY ANYTHING MADE BY BELKIN EVER AGAIN AND RECOMMEND EVERYONE ELSE TO DO THE SAME”.

  39. P V says:

    As regards Belkin Wireless routers, my home is within wireless reach of at least 3 of them, and I notice “NOT A SNGLE ONE IS SECURE”! All the others I can reach are o2, Virgin, and a few odds & s**ds, but they are all secure. I suspect some of these non-secure users don’t realise the risks….

  40. Luke says:

    Belkin, Sucks.

    It keeps disconnecting and its really slow, im sitting next to my router and it still cuts out, the connection is 2/5 EVEN Holding the laptop on top of it!!

    Then, its the PSP, it connects like a slug, nuff said.

  41. J W says:

    Stupid piece of shit router worked fine for an hour the first night I got it. Woke up the next morning expecting to do my morning routine, reading the local newspapers on my laptop computer. THE MOTHERFUCKER WOULDN’T CONNECT!! No amount of configuration would make the bastard connect. The DSL modem was fine when hard wired into either the laptop or the desktop, but the motherfucking router wouldn’t route. Belkin Routers suck!

  42. road man says:

    expansive, nothing special, poor configuration flexibility, performance suck.

  43. Josh Jameson says:

    2 Routers, (a 50 euro and a 200 euro one) – both disconnect and overload with 3 computers browsing the internet. I have 2 identical desktop wireless cards, one is extremely slow right next to the router and the other one disconnects randomly and requires a restart to fix it.


  44. Remis says:

    I agree with all of you belkin sucks!!!, in every way, no more needed to be said.

  45. Ivan says:

    This ridiculous peace of shitty shiny plastic almost put me in to a mental institution. With two Macs an two PC in the house making a decent home network is impossible and frustrating. The WiFi will work only for the PC and the only way to connect to my MacBook is Ethernet Arrrrrrrrrrgh! And this is suposed to be a router made in late 2007. An MIMO N1 router have a smaller range than a 4 year old Netgear 54Mbps.Just 5 meters. No walls whatsoever. And don’t get me started on their latest,”best” and “easy to use” “Plug and just Pay with no Play” network USB hub.

    Belkin= Waste of money, Waste of time and danger for your mental health.

  46. Nishbot says:

    Worst. Product. Ever. Period.

  47. Glock_27 says:

    I have a f5d7230-4 and it is TRASH. i am going to buy a linksys tomorrow and i am going to cruch this pice of trash belkin router into a thousand peices and send it to them.

  48. Dave says:

    Belkin is shit. I bought a router and wireless g desktop card a few weeks ago. I have to reboot the damn router every day and the desktop card cant connect to WAP secured networks properly plus it freezes my computer for 5 seconds every 20 seconds, and never connects long enough to do anything anyway. I want my 6 hours back! When I bought the shitty card in the store I was told I cant return it without getting an authorization number from Belkin. I dont have the time for this shit!!! Im so pissed off Im just going to make up a number if they wont accept it back without one. Sounds like they`ve had lots of problems with Belkin before. I should have bought something else when I heard the teller said that.

    If that doesnt work Ill threaten never to come back and also tell all my friends never to go to that store. I will at least tell them all never to buy Belkin. Belkin must die!!!

  49. Zak says:

    I have some Belkin wireless N router, have not had a single problem with it in a over 5 months of having it. it only cost £50 i think if your to cheap to afford that you should stpo crying that your pc’s dont work??

    I have 2 windows vista laptops on wireless, a ps3 on wiresless and another pc on wireless works a treat..

  50. Dave says:

    Sorry Zak, I have to disagree with you there. When you spend less on something it should at least work but have fewer features than more expensive models. Belkin is selling things that don’t work and that’s wrong. Frankly I’m surprised that your router has worked for as long as it has.

  51. bob says:

    I had terrible experience with Belkin products. I bought a laptop PCI wireless adaptor, it had crappy reception and it crashed in about a month. I bouth also an optical mouse that was on sale, it cost me about 4 bucks and it sucks it gets stuck every 5 seconds. Think twice when thinking of buying belkin, really cheap prices can seem attractive but in the end those are cheap bad quality products.

  52. Boriska says:

    I have a Belkin N Wireless Router. It always had issues, by disconnecting. Now, it doesn’t even want to connect to my cable modem (connecting computer directly to the modem works just fine though). I unplugged this crap-box and smashed it.. i feel relieved. No more Belkin for me.

  53. Overpriced Belkin says:

    Besides apparently having terrible routers, Belkin products are way overpriced. Have you seen the prices on Belkin cables and adapters? No better in quality than no name OEM brands, but maybe ten times higher in price. Belkin–your source for overpriced, low-quality PC products.

  54. Sharon Clark says:

    Being a tech for over 10 years now, I’ve seen some real shit. These Belkin wireless routers take the cake! We moved from Linkshit because thiers would last oh, maybe 6 months till they crapped out. Bought a Belkin thinking maybe it would last longer….buahahahahahahahaha! I was WRONG! These paperweights disconnect every 10 godddamn minutes! These are WORSE than Linkshit routers! DO NOT buy ANY Belkin products, they should be sued for the shit they produce and have the gall and audacity to sell. You might as well have polished up a turd and sold it as a router, cuz that’s the quality, SHIT! Listen people, go NETGEAR! We bought one and the fact that we are connected now for a full 24 hours without any disconnect whatsoever makes us wanna have a fucking party and invite the neighbors.

  55. Blake says:

    Ya Belkin Sucks but Linksys + DD-WRT is the best/most cost effective solution available for the home user. Don’t buy netgear either…crap as well. You must run a third party firmware these days. The router companies are in the business of making money which means they write these crappy firmwares as fast as possible to get the product out the door and don’t care how shitty their software is.

  56. Rizwan says:

    Belkin is shit, I wanted to get my PS3 running on NAT 2, but it kept coming as NAT 3, so I tried for like 3 month, even exchanged the router directly through BELKIN (but wasted money on SHIPPING)

    I tried setting up a DMZ for my PS3, NOTHING, tried opening up PORTS using virtual server crap NOTHING, I tried everything in the book , read and viewed online help shits all over the place, and today after like 3 months,

    I hooked up my OLD D-LINK (Wireless B) router and w/o even setting up port forwarding OR DMZ I got NAT 2 RIGHT AWAY.

    F*#$ BELKING

  57. traveler says:

    This is the worste router I have ever had. Crash’s daily now. SUCKS>

  58. Chris says:

    Yup just got off the phone with Belkin again one computer connects, the other one wont, they say “change the channel” well there are only 12 channels and I have been through them all!! I had an old linksys B router and until it couldn’t keep up any more >2 mbps connection speed it worked fine. Thought it was time to “upgrade” Best Buy said oh this Belkin is a great router!! Thanks Geek Squad!! at least it wasn’t that expensive.


  59. Sniperfox says:

    Same here. The wireless on it didnt work and I had to constantly restart it because it was too retarded to understand information. I hated it so much I changed my wireless network name to belkin54gsucksballs. I,right now, just unplugged it, punched it, and threw it across the room. Then I replugged in my linksys, which of course, works just fine. Dont ask me why I even unplugged my linksys in the first place. Ima smash this belkin with a bat, fedex it to them and tell them to quit making this shit. It is so frustrating trying to get this piece of junk to work with a pc, 360, laptop, whatever, anything. DO NOT BUY ONE EVER!!<–All caps to show frustration. Because that is all you will get with Belkin products is frustration.

  60. Tyler says:

    Belkin has to be the worst producer of wireless products, I have constant, random problems that persist. The customer support is always an Indian person who just re-reads me the help page on the website.

  61. Jeff says:

    I too have had terrible run ins with these idiots….have a Belkin power strip for my laptop and the cheapo tips that they give you broke within 2 months, noone carries replacements and the morons at Belkin idea for a fix is “just keep trying us back, Im sure we will get some more in one of these days” on top of that everywhere they tell me that sells their products hasnt carried them in years….this place could be wiped out of business for good and the world would be a better place. $80+ bucks down the tubes… and learn I suppose. Im telling everyone I know not to touch their products….

  62. […] wonder how much they’d pay for me to take down this post and the 60+ associated comments. 0. (Aside astroturf, belkin, […]

  63. sakis stergiou says:

    Even their BT USB adapters are shit too. Works for one day, then “NO BT DEVICE FOUND”

  64. Larry Bolan says:

    i had 4 belkin wifi adapters (pcmcia g, pcmcia g+mimo, usb g+mimo, usb n) and the first 3 died in less than 6 monthes. the last one is 5 montes old and dying as i type. always crashes. The only good thing about them is 1- they provide drivers in the inf format (good 4 linux via ndiswrapper), 2- somewhat-good interface with the adapters, shitty interface for the routers. I also hate how they provide no way to use the wfi routers as hubs only- no modem= no internet (my modem is on another router across the house via powerline)

    ard u’all are right, their cables are overpriced. and so are their usb hubs (love my mobile 7 port one anyway, bought it at goodwill)

  65. Matt says:

    We have a belkin wireless router. It’s in my room, so I have it plugged directly into the computer. But laptop or my computer, it doesn’t matter: the piece of shit disconnects from the internet 3 times an hour regardless.

    Out of all the computer products I’ve ever purchased, this belkin router is by far and away the worst. Frankly, I don’t see a difference between this “product” and an outright scam. Total. Fucking. Shit.

  66. Zak says:

    From the other page post 49 I think, I’ve stumbled across this again and my wireless n router is still working perfectly, the only problem I have with it is the DHCP list doesnt always work. Not terrible though

  67. Ryan says:

    OMFG! Belkin sucks major! it disconnects like every 5 seconds and you have to go un-plug it and re-plug it every time, which sucks for me because I’m in the basement and the friking thing is all the way up stair! even now, ive been disconnected twice while typing this!!!! i cant WAIT to go out to get a new router!

  68. Julio says:

    Definitely Belkin router sucks!!! I bought I new Belkin router G Plus MIMO Router and guess what? The same as all of you, the router crash every minute, can’t work properly downloading videos or any archive. So I decided to make the firmware update and it got worst than ever. Now the router just don’t work. PLEASE DON’T BUY THIS KIND OF ROUTER.

  69. gary says:

    belkin is by far the worst products i have ever dealt with, it has shitty drivers that dont work internet is intermittent and really really unreliable equipment. I returned it for a lynksys and i have been extremely happy with it

  70. peter says:

    Belkin products have to be by far the greatest pile of crap money can buy ,you would in most if not all circumstances be better off sticking a teaspoon in your USB port you will probably get a much better signal .The drivers are only available for pre world war 1 versions of windows and the technical help department is entirely staffed by macdonalds saturday staff rejects.If I could offer you the choice of self castration or trying to get a belkin usb wireless adaptor to work I would urge you to save the suffering and get out the sharp knives,I would sooner buy Ossama Bin Laden dinner than buy any of this total and utter SHITE again >BELKIN YOU ARE CRAP<

                 Yours truly 
                    Not a happy belkin customer
  71. nathan says:

    peter you have taken the words out of my mouth, i have tried phoning them they cant speak english, days messing around trying to sought it out , i am very unhappy with belkin , your comment how ever cheered me up and made me laugh my head off. thanks mate

  72. Will says:

    I have the same problems with my belkin usb wireless. I googled “belkin sucks” to find this site and the damn thing disconnects while going to this page. I have had to repair my connection at least 15 times in the last hour tonight. However, I have noticed that it has NEVER disconnected when I’m messing around in linux (definately not a fanboy, just stating a fact). The windows drivers might suck more than the piss-poor quality equiptment.

  73. FUCK BELKIN says:


  74. Ric says:

    I do agree.

    Belkin products REALLY SUCK (F5D7132 Wireless Range Extender AND Wifi Usb Key F5D7051 for what I personnally experienced)!!! Don’t buy it even if it’s cheap!

    This is REAL SHIT!!!!

  75. Motaz says:

    I once bought a belkin router (single antenna type) and since then had 4 replaced, and now they are patronizing me with all kinds of crap. Then I opted to upgrade to a double antenna type and after 5 months that has shown its true colours too! To put it in a nut shell, belkin should change their names to Belshitin. Like one smart guy puts it plain, its shit polished up with a belkin tag. I wasted £175 in all. And yup their technical support are MacDonalds rejects from some village in India. DO NOT BUY A BELKIN. Are their any Made in Japan Routers? I still trust Japanese goods to some extent.

  76. BURN IT NOW!! says:

    BELKIN IS THE WORST COMPANY KNOWN TO MAN!!! im serious i challenge ANY of you to find Belkins Email address..ha ha there websit takes you to the same page email-less LOL i have a wireless G gaming adapter version 2000 model number F5D7330 my other challenge is to find the installing software for that. you can search and search but i bet my childerens college money that its impossible TO FIND THE SOFTWARE ON THERE WEBSITE. Belkin is pretty much a box with words fashing LED lights and in side the box is a note that says : go to our website to find absolutely NOTHING!! i sent a virus to belkin UK email…who ever even opened that email his/her computer is completely distroyed unfixable an the best part im sending same email on auto timer different subject titles :)

  77. Molly says:

    I am so sick of Belkin! It keeps disconnecting every fucking 3 seconds and i have to go and unplug and replug it! FKLD;SJA;FSLKDJFKLSDJF

  78. Cheesus says:

    I dont know why people have so many problems…mine has been working great without any issues for thr past few years…if you dont know how to use it or set it up than that must be why it crashes ont you…in my case it’s been great…and I had linksys…what a terrible product

  79. Paul Hanks says:

    Belkin is crap! DO NOT BUY A BELKIN WIRELESS ROUTER! Mine disconnects about twice a day. Now, even after being reset (unplugged) several times it won’t see the internet or any of the computers on my network. You are wasting your money. You can try every fix in the book, if you can understand the techs they have, and NOTHING WORKS!

  80. guvner says:

    never have i had so much trouble with a router than ive had with this belkin f5d7630-4a cant get on there dam site to down load the new firmware the signal drops every 10 mins when there is one or more pcs conected to the dam thing its crap .try it for yourself go on there web site and look at there products then try and get some support for it you will find it takes 10 mins for the support pages to load then you cant find what you need .what the hell is there product finder about when you do get it workin its not straight forward ive had better luck finding support for cheep chinese products that dont have support anyway im gona try again and spend another 3 hours on the belkin web site trying to sort out my router so my misses can use the laptop while im on this pc ..

  81. mk says:

    belkin is a pile of wank! it says “quick and easy” on the box, there is nothing quick or fucking esay about this retarded bit of shit! also it says “best” i think they are very VERY mistaken!!!!!! I AM SENDING IT BACK AND AM USING MY NETGEAR INSTED! + THIS COST WELL OVER £50!! IM FUCKIN PISSED!!!

  82. mk says:


  83. SALTYCAT says:

    THIS HOBO MADE PieCE OF SHIT FUCK I dont think i have to restart any device so many times in my life dammmm im sick so sick i was better off sticking a coat hanger down the either net port instead of spending hours fixing a shit box, my god id rather shove five screw drivers down my ureathra than use that thing id rather have every bit of hair on my ball sack pulled off one by one till i cant reproduce i rather play russain rullet with the yakuza than to bother restarting it again id rather have sex with rosy odonald…………MISSIONARY so i have to look her in the eyes than restart the ip address ONE MORE TIME id rather snort glass to speak with the support to HEAR THEM TELL ME WHATS ON THERE WEBSITE. never again never again BELKIN SUCKS BALLS

  84. Graham says:

    yes belking is shit

  85. SLITHERMAN54 says:

    Dude i got belkin router for my 360 elite i cant download any games cant get live because it says error you got disconnected wont go fast like it says and when i go to youtube only shows part of it my computer without it gets the whole video in just couple seconds but since i got it on i cant do crap i’m just gunna get that 360 router that everyone says is good if its not just pm me at yahoo google or youtube and and to comment below I looked up belkin router sucks and this came up and good thread everyone who got a belkin and thinks its just the way they set it up or their internet


    BELKIN is really CRAP, damnit ! I bought a router some time ago….like 2 weeks and since then I started to fight the internet company for their shitty connections but surprise! The stupid router is just crap, is going slower and slower. I have a computer on wire and wireless connections but well, they seem they all make a row and wait each other to access pages ! What a box full of shit ! I guess that’s why they don’t have screws but use glue to stick it together. TO COVER THE SHIT BETTER. I guess they shit in the boxes, glue them together then proudly write BELKIN on them. And us like suckers bought them, well… that’s a perfect marketing. Selling shit! I was used to D-Link before and Like an idiot, I assumed that well, if it looks OK, it must work OK. But is true that I couldn’t open the can of shit. Is fucking glued.

    So, for that let’s say something to google also:

    BELKIN REVIEW about BELKIN ROUTER now, everything is said for idiots like us to NOT BUY BELKIN PRODUCTS cause BELKIN SUCKS and those are our OPINIONS ABOUT BELKIN. BELKIN products are glued together so the shit stays in and the idiot out, to pay for it. BELKIN G ROUTER OPINION and REVIEW, it sucks. BELKIN N router sucks also. And we suck cause we bought them, so if you don’t wanna be a sucker like us just don’t buy one. We are the BSPASA that is Belkin Shit Products Anonim Suckers Association. Do not join us, stay away from BELKIN if you don’t wanna see flying routers or find this page of BELKIN shit cans victims !

    Buy something else dudes, but sniff it first.

  87. Nick says:

    I am using one of their little crappy Belkin wireless adapters.. If you have read well down to this bit, you already know not to get your hands onto this first rate garbage. I feel sorry for those who work for belkin of all things. I bet their employees know better than to use the crap they produce with their very own hands. They probably have a line of un-educated peons slapping shit together, and calling it a product.

    Anywho, this wireless adapter I am using from Belkin does nothing for me. I can maybe keep it in for 2 days before it craps out. If I try to disable and unplug it, then put it back in, it refuses to even let me back on. The most luck I had was when I had let it sit for a week. I put it back in and got maybe two more days worth out of it. It just crapped out on me a second ago. I will never ever purchase or even use a belkin product, even if it came from the holly jolly hands of santa himself. I would be content with the piece of coal. I know santa’s elves produce better quality work than Belkin, and I hope this better product is set under my tree this damned cristmas. Speaking of which, merry christmas and happy winter. Do not purchase Belkin shit-ware for your loved ones! Go netgear all the way.

  88. I bought a Belkin USB network adapter after losing my Netgear USB network adapter. Let me just say that I should have spent $4 more and bought Netgear again. This networking adapter is the king of shit, even more king than shit itself. Please stop laughing and feel my pain because I am not kidding.

    When I am online with this Belkin shitbucket, the green light flashes like rabbits might make love. This status light is supposed to indicate network transmission. Well, guess what. It does not. There is no fucking way!!! The only thing it indicates is when the adapter is in HEAT. That’s right. The adapter is in heat when it gets very hot.

    Unplugging it seems to only make the fucking hunk of shit ‘not in the mood anymore.’ When you plug it back in after it has cooled, it still does not work but at least the fucking light doesn’t flash so you KNOW it isn’t working. I even tried putting the fucking crap in the freezer, and after chipping off the frost and thaw it STILL doesn’t fucking work. UGGGGHHHH!!!

    If you sit a piece of feces on your desk next to a SHIT belkin networking adapter, you can only discern a few differences. First, the poop stinks like SHIT to high heaven whereas the adapter smells of burning electrical components. Another key difference is the light. Mr. Belkin decided he wanted everyone to know that he’s in heat, whereas the feces finds no need for such a love beacon. Finally, the piece of poop might be hard, soft, watery, or a bit lumpy. The belkin adapter only comes in one shape until you get too frustrated and throw it out the fucking window!!!

  89. bobcat says:

    I bought a new Belkin N+ router about 3 months ago. What a piece of crap. Nothing but trouble. Works fine for a couple of weeks and then the modem and internet lights start flashing amber. Call tech support, go through the standard power cycle, reset, etc. then get pushed to level 2 support. Tried upgrading firmware. Worked for another couple of weeks, then crashes again. After 3rd time, i took it back to Walmart. Had to exchange for another since i didn’t have packaging. Got it working and then two days later – boom, the internet and modem lights are flashing again. Three hours of f*&(ing with it myself and finally got it running again – for now. Never again Belkin!!!

  90. Belkin Hater says:

    I also bought this belkin F5D8233-4 wireless router, well the box looks great , fency lights show all your devices an services available , no flashing lights though, nice cool blue light indicators , I mean the thing looks great but let me tell you what a PIECE of MOTHERFUCKING SHIT IT IS !!!!!!!!!!!!! It does diconnects my internet conncetion all the time, it does not respond back when my comp goes to sleep mode and on wake up I have to trouble shoot the connection, the piece of shit halts brwosing ,I’m fucking pressing back in the browser and Im stuck in the same fucking page for like 3 minutes, then the piece of shit reacts and finally moves its fucking shit ass back !!!!, I mean I bought that piece of shit to have a wired and wireless reliable network in my entire house , that piece of shit halts on wired connection !!!!!, how can I rely on this piece of fucking shit for wireless connection !??????? I did upgraded the firmware with the newest avaialable update, Iwont complain about the interface as its pretty much self explanatory so I won’t complain about the documentation, but to rely and put your life on this piece of shit you best try to get across a cliff using cunt hair rope, than purchasing a BELKIN piece of shit product !!!! BELKIN you make piece of shit devices !!!!!! Last time buyer of belkin product.

    PS I heard they glue the box to keep the shit stink conteined with in the box, if by chance it seeps out have your fucking gass mask ready !!!

    Cheers ! Fuck what a waste of money it is !!!!

  91. suntrana45 says:

    Don’t ask me how but I am now the proud owner of three (3) externally powered 4 port USB hubs made by Belkin, none of which have ever, ever come close to actually functioning. No drivers, Windows XP won’t recognize, Driver Detective can’t seem to get their act together and find drivers for these remarkable items of excrement….Just say NO to Belkin..

  92. Jaazzzman says:

    Oh dear. Bought the Belkin F6D4230tt-4 on special at FutureShop, think it was 40$. I was like all the others, if it looks great, must work great too. Jeez.

    First, the menus and config made me want to puke. After I took a doctor in unstable physics and managed to do a security setup, I realised you had to actually reset the freaking thing to actualize your SSID and encryption changes. That had a strong laxative effect on me and took more time to setup than reading an entire selection of the reader’s digest on the throne.

    Then, each morning internet stopped working. Resetting the router corrected the situation (I tought it might have been my internet that was not working). I finally found out that this piece of feces would not follow my isp IP changes (which in my case would occur every 24 hours). Looked on FAQs, googled a while, then I found some help on the Belkin website. Again, that PhD payed off to find info on that “from the 4th dimension” website. Guess what, according to them, it is NORMAL to reset that stupid device once every day or anytime your IP lease expires. I was pissed.

    Trust me, if I wasn’t hairy enough on my head, I’d be bald by now. One of my worst purchase ever. I exchanged that pile of poo for a Linksys.

    My 2 cents!

  93. Mohd says:

    My blood is burning .. I can’t believe that I got this crap

    Belkin really SUCK

    It keep disconnecting all the time

    I got Belkin-N wireless router and it is a piece of S**t

    I will go and throw it into the face of the dealer

    Thats why they made a special offers for Belkin.. and nothing else

    I regret so much that I bought it and wasted my time configuring my computer and I even formatted it



  94. Ando says:

    Belkin are shit, just got a F5D7634 router and it drops connection randomly, also has a nasty electrical hummm to it, nasty piece of shit it is. I might give it to some fucker I hate.

  95. Kevin says:

    I got this Belkin Router which works fine its still working fine this is my 4 yr with belkin..Everything will work provided if its configured fine

  96. Matt Clarke says:

    My Belkin router sucks. It disconnects if the download speed exceeds 100 kb/s and I have to unplug, reboot the router of some other thing.

  97. Juju says:

    I support various networking products in my career and Belkin is the biggest ugly shapeless tit I’ve ever seen. Most of the products come with firmware or software that work link impotent penis and the wireless cards are like stinky cunts in the pig’s ass. And the tech support guys look helpless as they are forced to support this shitty titty products knowing that won’t work. Sorry if you’ve bought this product!

  98. lolski says:

    belkin sucks ass. I have the wireless G model and the router HANGS every 15 minutes and all I can do is restart. what’s the point of having wireless if i have to go to the router every now and then to restart it??

    oh man it’s 2010 and someone still makes a crappy router.

  99. Anonymous says:

    FVCK BELKIN! CONSTANT PROBLEMS WITH BELKIN N+ ROUTER. I am exchanging this piece of sh*t for something better.

  100. tom says:

    Belkin the i could not believe it is an even bigger piece of shit than vista i am constantly disconnected i spend most of my time diagnosing my connection but nothing is wrong that can be found except the belkin piece of shit remove the router piss on it smash it with a hammer and set on fire then all works well

  101. Craig says:

    I tried to go online this morning and the router was just turned off. No way to turn it back on. No clue about what happened.

  102. dan says:

    This is such a garbage. You should NEVER buy belkin. It keeps disconnecting, even to load the google page takes forever. It’s just stuck in the middle, you can’t enter administrator, have to unplug it and plug again, wait to start, just to have another 10 mins of internet and if you’re really luck, an hour or so. Such a piece of garbage. This is a belkin G router and it sucks.

  103. alex says:


  104. doreen says:

    im glad to getthis website. to sharemy wwoes. my belkin mouse stopped working after started using abroadband modem. this has rendered mp laptip almost use less because im a bad typer to start with..have tried all tricks given in the net to reinstall,including uninstalling usb, power cutting etc nothing!! went to belkin website and it was a waste oftime . just rubbish and says my product (which is not even listed F8E841 blk-OPT doesent qualify for support even if it came with a warranty(which icant find). there no links to reinsatll the drivers or update.i will neverbuy their products again a. holes!!!!

  105. mittens says:

    I haven’t dealt with their routers, but I’ve had the dubious pleasure of dealing with their UPSes and their network cards.

    The network cards use a realtek chip, which is good. Unfortunately they cripple the things so that they don’t work with realtek drivers. However, the drivers still detect the card as a realtek and install themselves. If you manage to find the real drivers on Belkin’s garbage web site and install them the thing still won’t work, the realtek drivers still load. You have to explicitly remove the nice realtek drivers in order to load the Belkin $#1t.

    Their UPSes come with some of the worst software I’ve ever seen. It’s bloated, unstable, worthless garbage.

    Belkin is a crap company. Don’t buy their stuff.

  106. An Angry Binz!! says:

    The other day my wife purchased a BELKIN ROUTER, MODEL NUMBER “F4D8235-4 v3”. It was the worst decision of my life. And I’m MARRIED for christ sakes!!! hah

    It’s a piece of junk the modem works just fine and the damned router keeps cutting out on me!!!!!!

    It’s a WASTE of $75. Never by one of these.

    It’s the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever seen. I’m taking it back today and getting a better brand. To hell with Belkin. I’ll NEVER buy a Belkin ever again. I will also strongly reccomend to my friends and co workers to do the same.

  107. Dave says:

    BElkin are shit shit shit shit shit. Dont buy a mini bluetooth fucking crap wank, its doing my head in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  108. GT says:

    Belkin sucks max! Disconnection every 5 mins! Fucking piece of shit!

  109. don’t buy it, it’s crap, 5 min zoning out all the fucking time.

    Waste of money and melts your cables somehow, what a load of shit. I was crushed

  110. 2hoursWASTED says:

    2 HOURS WASTED. Belkin can’t put the right drivers on their site or in the box!!!

  111. Firdaus says:

    Wish i had visited this site before i bought this crappy product.

    my shit pot ..( i mean my belkin wireless router) never connects to the internet every time i switch it on. its like i have to re-configure every thing every time i restart.

    i am never gonna buy a belkin ever again, i have wasted a lot of time and money for this shit…..

  112. Forest says:

    i HAVE PURCHASED TWO Belkin cooling pads in three months both are trash can can fillers they would not stand behind them. NEVER AGAIN

  113. belkin sucks! says:

    bought a Belkin F6D4050 Enhanced Wireless USB Adapter and it dropped the connection every 30 seconds! took it back to bestbuy and they replaced it with another one and it did the same thing!! im using it right now and i bet the thing will probably drop the connection when i hit the submit button.

  114. and that man's name was... says:

    There products may burn your car to the ground.


  115. N00G says:

    The trend continues… I bought a belkin n+ turd wireless router… sometimes it worked, sometimes it don’t, been reconfigd ten times, f’d up the Vonage VOIP, even screwed with the hard line ethernet connect, and the xbox don’t even think about finding it. Just say no.

  116. Mikee says:

    Sewage plants do not contain as much shit as a Belkin router.

  117. Thor says:

    I will never ever purchase a Belkin product again! (I purchased one of the N wireless routers) They can’t even read and respond with a proper answer to an email. With all the problems and unanswered questions – I went to the store and bought a Linksys and all my problems were gone!

    Begone Belkin!

  118. elias says:

    Totally agree. Belkin suck!

    The belkin wireless router modem went crazy after i bought it home few week, and i’m not allow to return it. I got three pc at home, and randomly only one can connect to internet; the others remain some stupid “still identify..” or “connected but not allow connect to internet..” or “cannot get IP from router some sort of things..”.

    I thought wireless will be great, it’s really unpleasant experience with belkin.

    I’m totally not happy with it. I will never ever get belkin again. Never again.

    Guys, stay away from this evil company.

  119. user says:

    wireless router F5D7230-4 <- piece of shit

  120. Jo-D'n says:

    Belkin is awful…just a couple minutes ago I was downloading a moderately large file of about 315 MB, and at 310, the router decided it had done enough work, and started flashing at me…the router was just turned on to do this particular task, after the router decided it would work again, the download was already lost beyond recovery, now I get to sit here with my normally 30 mbps internet dampened to .9 Mbps download this huge file again…DAMN YOU BELKIN!!!!

  121. neal says:

    This is a piece of shit

  122. Christos says:

    I am the unhappy owner of a Belkin F5D8636-4 v2 Wireless Router and it keeps connecting and disconnecting, even after the installation of the latest firmware. I can’t believe that in year 2010 it is so difficult to make a reliable router.

  123. D-LINK SUCKS says:

    well you guys think Belkin brand routers suck? you haven’t seen anything yet. I have a D-Link Standard Router and I have 2 PCs and a PS3 on my network. Every time I go to play a game online in death-match, I always loose connection. this really brings my piss to a boil because it only lets me on for a few minutes before I loose connection. The online time i get may vary by how much I smash the peice of crap. So I might just invest in a good gaming router like the LYNKSYS XTreme N Router.

  124. Same as any other... says:

    I got a Belkin router and adapter from my uncle. Thus began my unfortunate first encounter with this half-assed company. It worked fine for 2 weeks, even though it disconnected a few times. I consider myself a patient person and all. After a while it kept crashing after every 10 mins, soon cutting down to a few seconds. Yeah, at that point I was lucky just to get a 4 min connection. I even tried to reconfigure the fucking thing 3 times. Never again. TOTAL waste of money, time, and mental health. The only good thing is that it dies before it’s warranty time ends.

  125. kenny says:

    D-link and Belkin N routers suck. They are so easy to set up but they don’t fucking work. I have had to go back to my G router. What is wrong with these people? Make it simpler not rocket science. I give up trying to upgrade. I am soooo frustrated. I have spent two days trying. Thinking that I have done something wrong. I am not even trying to call India, I’m taking this thing back. FUCK!!!!

  126. Burn in Hell Belkin says:

    The horrible Belkin router I used for the last few months costs me weeks per month on the phone with customer service. What an unbelievable piece of garbage.

  127. Rob says:

    We bought this Router after our Linksys started disconected at random points. These where the most nerf wrecking days I ever had setting up a network.

    I could not connect Wireless with a Toshiba Vista Laptop My other one could but this one connected to the Router and Stayed Local.

    When Changing settings the Router Disconects and a Hard Resset is needed (Cutting off power)

    I had to remove the WPA security because it blocks random connections even if you type in the right code.

    It asks for security codes when they are disabled…

    When disabling Wirreless on portables the Cable Connection Disconects to.

    And when you Put in a Cable and turn on Wirreless Both connect but when you pull out the cable wirreless dies to!

    After spending 2 days of Hard resseting this piece of crap i finnely got it working but i turned on my other laptop and the Router assigned the same IP UGH!!!

    After resseting it “AGAIN” and Manual entering the IP and DNS in my other laptop it finnely worked for both Portables.

    This joke is costs 109€ on the box it says easy setup and all that shit. Easy my ass i never had so many troubles with a router!

  128. Rob says:

    In the above post im talking about the Belkin Wirreles Play Router.

  129. Tony says:

    Belkin Mimo G. Works fine if you are into waiting 15 minutes for a page to load – or never load should I say. Mine is heading for the bin and I’m going shopping tommorrow for something that actually works.

  130. disgruntled internet user says:

    2 weeks ago my old faithful netgear router finally died. Unable to find a like for like replacement I decided to give Belkin a try, mainly because that was pretty much all they had in the shop. Wow, what a fucking shit router this is. F5D8636-4 v2. It crashes between 1 and 3 times PER DAY!! This spoils my IP Profile thus lowering my maximum throughput decided by BT. I have ordered a Draytek now and waiting for it to arrive in the post. I will never ever use Belkin again. I had a bad feeling at the time of buy it. I should have followed my instinct.



  131. Jtrain says:

    just moved into college bought router from office depot and the greasy headed little fuck assured me that this was a great router for 35 bucks even when I said I was interested in a 175 dollar non-belkin one

    ………..SOOO ANYWAY

    I went to my dorm and installed this 35 dollar doorstop but the light kept blinking a bright orange and when I went through set up it said call support.Let me just say Ive called tech support for pretty much everyone sony microsoft (especially microsoft zune xbox ect.) and so on and never have I encountered such a language barrier Im no rascist but this was like talking to some chick doing a really bad Borat impression

    We were on the phone for no less than an hour about 12 minutes of wich was hold time even though I had a specific question she insisted on just telling her the problem and letting her try and walk me through every fucking waste of time she could possibly manage to pull out of her bag of tricks and kept asking very specific questions about the schools wireless service even after I told her I had no idea about any of it

    It quickly became apparent she didnt understand what the word “modem” meant she would just throw it on like a condamant on the sentence “yes conect to router yes you see bright light yes okay try reconectto the power supply then wait u should see green and ………modem” I eventually lost it and demanded to talk to someone else I was put on hold again for the longest period of time were I guess they were hoping I would hang up and go away but she finally picked up and said “yes senior anlyst call u soon” and hung up 2 days and nothing I took it back after resisting the urge to throw the damned thing under a stean roller

  132. dlink lover says:

    i have a belkin. be just because of that, i only have internet 11% of the time. i get 44% packet loss at and sometimes it will just take five mins and decide not to work at all, even unpluging it or rebooting it doesnt help. i tried giving it a break for a day and it still is fuckin shit. just to test this i unhooked my router and connected directly to my isp on my computer. BEST INTERNET IV EVER USED! plug router back in, back to dialup speeds and its about as stable as a one legged house

  133. felix001 says:

    After wasting the entire evening trying to get a Belkin G Wireless router working I would urge anyone thinking of buying anything marked Belkin to think again. There products are utta SHIT. So far I have brought KVM`s, Routers, Homeplugs all of which have been complete bollocks.


  134. fuck belkin shit says:

    i got wireless N router for several months already. it took a week just to set up the ISP information. now, the router keep restarting itself every 5 seconds if more than 1 client connected to it. how could this be, belkin? its just a waste of cash, it was expensive, lack of features, shit friendly.

  135. FGSFDS says:

    My family recently switched to wireless since we now have 3 more computers. We decided to pick up a Belkin (with the adapters) because it was fairly cheap and their website had good reviews. But obviously the reviews were fake and written by belkin themselves! It took about an hour and a half to get this stupid thing working, an additional hour to get the adapters installed on all the computers with their “oh-so-simple” (my ass) installation software, and it worked for about 2 weeks. Then, we noticed the occasional random disconnecting, which didn’t seem like a big deal. But now it’s at the point where it cuts off every 5 minutes, leaving my paid xbox live subscription to sit there unused and just pissing everyone off in general. So, what do you do? Call tech support. And what do they say? It’s a problem with our computers. It’s bad enough they have some fucking indian who barely speaks english trying to give tech support, but then telling me that all of the computers in the house are screwed up and to contact microsoft? I don’t think so. Then I asked him to explain why my 360 kept getting kicked off, and the fucking idiot asked if I had a warranty for the 360 and to call microsoft about it. These idiots are in so much denial that they actually believe their cheap-ass equipment is perfect! So, just for the hell of it, I asked my friend to bring his Linksys router over and let me try it out. Was easy to set up and worked for the 6 hours we spent playing call of duty with no problems, and at the same time supporting every computer in the house. I called Belkin again to explain that their equipment IS in fact the problem, and what do they do? Hang up on me. So, as soon as I can afford a RELIABLE router, I plan on taking this cheap fucking thing, urinating on it, lighting it on fore, and blowing a few holes in it with a .22, then of course sending the remains back to Belkin with a big “FUCK YOU!”

  136. bmwpreacher says:

    Belkin Play n600hd router suck! Tried the help, the Indian guy’s English was bad. All I understood was “Steven, listen to me, do what I say: then golibby goooy mmunnsasd plug in bemeemme in to the computer’s snucjeething,,ect ect,,,,. So I read, read, read went on the internet and worked on the thing for three day and got it to work., I have to log on every time I use my laptop. It won’t let the Vista Computer use the printer, the printer is lost most of the time. I an not going to take it back..I am going to put in under my tires on my Subaru in a mud spot and drive over it several time. They are got going to sell this junky thank to anyone else…..

  137. Heylon says:

    Belkin is like buying a cup of warm sloppy shit. My router Fails 3 times a day. Fucking bullshit. I’d love to take off the transformer and hot wire it to 240 Volts and watch the fucking cunt melt and watch the shit pour out all over the ground.

  138. Sean says:

    What a horrible, horrible product. My basic Belkin Wireless-N router is barely 6 months old has gotten to the point of being barely usable. It needs to be restarted repeatedly throughout the day, no matter what we are doing. Whether using one of 3 computers, 2 iPod touches, a Wii, DS, iPad or Roku box, it disconnects randomly and with increasing frequency. The old Linksys Wireless-G router I bought around 5 years ago and left at my parents house for them is still working fine. Belkin is shit and should be avoided at all costs.

  139. F(U)CK BELKIN says:

    Belkin USB drive has never worked. $80 Belkin router times out every 10 min. Belkin FM transmitter picks up horrible static on every station. BELKIN SUCKS!!! NEVER BUY BELKIN!

  140. Jonathan says:

    I have to agree that belkin suck. It is very unreliable for the most part. WOuld not recommend one of these routers to anyone.

  141. C says:

    For 2 months I have been trying to figure out what is making my Aunt’s computer crash. I bring it home, change the hard-drive, uninstall and reinstall Windows, etc. It works great. Bring it back to her house, and WINDOWS FUCKING CRASHES. I don’t mean just ‘crashes’ I mean WINDOWS IS BROKEN. It doesn’t even start! Finally I realized its the fucking BELKIN! Never in my 15+ years on computers have I encountered a product that BREAKS the entire fucking OPERATING SYSTEM. This company should be brought up on CHARGES for emotional distress. FUCK YOU BELKIN FOR TWO MONTHS MISERY.

  142. Duddy says:

    Using a 2 year old Belkin wireless G router. Not even using wireless, It downloads at speeds usually between 50 and 300kbs, which is ridiculous, and when It does reach speeds over 1000 Kbs the router messes up after about 2 minutes and I have to restart it, and this happens every time. Belkin = Worst router ever

  143. Taking the console back again to Sony can be a good notion. However, you will need to have to wait for a long time before finding the PS3 back again. And you may well also will need to spend a great deal of funds. To this finish, you might want to repair it your self. It is in simple fact not challenging for you to do so. Typically, you can resolve the challenge safely and effortlessly. You do not need to wait for a few weeks. Of course you do not need to have to expend cash if you are heading to fix the dilemma on your own. And you can hold all the information in the tricky drive in this circumstance. One particular factor you need to understand is the Sony could require to clear all the info of the difficult drive when they are correcting the challenge. As a consequence, it is usually a very good thought for you to go for this alternative. Learn more PlayStation 3 ideas

  144. Xander says:

    Belkin Routers are the worst piece of crap ever! My phone is WiFi enabled. I tried connecting through the router which is detected as having a WPA/WPA2 PSK Security on it. The text document to set up the link states WEP security on it….screw up 1 by Belkin…good job. On to the REALLY ignorant part. I copied the Passcode/Security Key to connect to the router and sent it in a text to myself. From there I copied it and pasted it into the entry field to establish the connection with the router to make sure it 100% matches. Hell, I even went as far as to make sure the “Show Passcode” box was checked so I could visually verify the copy and pasted characters matched 100%. I STILL get the message “The network password you typed is incorrect.” Really? BULLSHIT!!! I call shenanigans. Whatever you do, don’t buy a Belkin. You’re better off with two tin cans and a piece of string. Belkin’s Technological ability=EPIC FAIL!!!

  145. Jo says:

    Hall of Fame Fail router. I tried everything to get it to connect at a decent speed, or maintain a consistent connection. It was incredibly frustrating. I eventually plugged in my old dial up modem i desperation and by comparison, dial up was very noticeably faster. I now have a new DLink and have not had a single issue in the past 6 months. My mother wanted a new modem/router and rang me from the retailers asking what Belkin was like as the shop had some great deals. I said to her if she buys one, I’m not installing it, and basically to hightail it out of that shop. She now has a DLink also, and like me, has had no issues. I only tried one Belkin but if has put me off for good.

  146. EX Belkin says:

    Belkin sucks never buy one internet disconnects evry 5 mins

  147. arshiya says:

    LOOOL Belkin is it that bad?

  148. Suzanne says:

    Belkin really does suck!!!!I have been on the phone for hours and hours making my blood boil. Technical support same thing over and over every time you call. Had just bought a Belkin router one month and had nothing but problems, just called to get a replacement or preferably money back and they wanted me to go through all that bullshit again. No thanks. They can stick the crummy thing up their a–. Never!!!!! Never!!!! buy a Belkin router.

  149. Chris says:

    have had 3 years of nightmares with the heap of shit modem router, hard to set up more then one computer have fastest 1.5mb/s connection at home but can take 20 minutes to open a web page down loads at the top speed for a short while then crashes back to the freezer with the shitty thing then plug in again for 5 minutes of realy realy sluggish internet surfing. have life time warrenty but will not take another one even for free. stay away from the worst computer product ever made.

  150. Zélelé says:

    BELKIN router is a piece of shit. Do not buy one