Belkin Sucks!

May 2nd, 2003

Do not buy a Belkin router. There are perfectly decent, cheap wireless AP/router combos in the world. Not a Belkin.

Besides being crappy, ugly, poorly documented hardware, with a horrible configuration inteface, where they make up their own little mini-jargon rather then using standard terms, and besides the fact that we still haven’t been able to make the Mac talk to the router, Belkin is evil. They are showing popup ads for Belkin products on my home network! I understand the approach of APs out in the world proxying http requests to a login page, its a useful way to have a login, or share information about a project as I’ve mentioned.

But there is absolutely, no possible way to justify Belkin thinking they have the right to show advertisement on my home network simply because I’m using their crappy hardware.

Belkin sucks. Do not buy one. I’m going to go return this thing for the people I’m visiting and get them something decent. I think I would prefer 2 tin cans on a piece of string, but they might not realize it was an upgrade.

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164 responses to “Belkin Sucks!”

  1. jfgu fjfjf says:

    LOOOL Belkin is it that bad

  2. steve says:

    Belkin Wireless G Router. Used 12 hours total (3 times in 1 year) problems connecting first 2 times, 3rd time l.e.d. flashed for hardware failure.

    6 calls to technical support (which is in India or Pakistan) They give these people English names “Bob” when they can’t speak English properly. 6th call they promised a new router which never arrived. Ended up throwing it in the bin.

    As the saying goes, stick to a specialist. They are able to concentrate all their efforts on a specific technology so the end product is of a decent quality, unlike Belkin which make everything badly.

    ps: this kind of company gives away labour to foreign countries. The corporate fat cats at Belkin really need executing in the most violent, prolonged and horrific ways known to man. Fuck them.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Belkin sucks!!!! I just wasted three hours dealing with their inept customer service line. And it still doesn’t work. Never again!!!!!

  4. Steve Tripp says:

    Belkin router is the biggest pain in the ass to hook up and use I have ever seen. No Belkins allowed in this house . I will never buy another of their products.

  5. TJ says:

    please ” as a request” never buy Belkin. I bought two years ago and since then i am dying slowly everyday. just bought Macbookpro last week, and Belkin became a completely useless crap. Buy anything else,banana,mango…but never buy belkin

  6. Crusader Deleters says:

    I bought a belkin four days ago. I have spent about one whole day fixing my computer on what this piece of crap has caused. After i plugged it in, it worked perfectly. I was going to assume that belkings were really great products at that moment. It was flawless at the start. The day later, it started having a bit of problems, eating up about one and a half hours of my day. Then two days later, this no-firewalled adapter has ceased to hold back any damned creature that hates computers. I got a virus. No, this was not a normal virus. It just had to be the worst virus that most people have ever seen in their years of no-life gaming. Hey, I am not be judgemental here. I fit into this group. However, my point is that each time I try to run Malwarebytes, the virus intercepts the process, closes it down and then wrecks the executable in the program files and any other existing mbam.exe’s. Someone had then told me about Microsoft’s MSE. Every time that thing is installed onto my computer, the virus causd the computer to just shut down. When i turn on the computer, and get into the login screen, BAM! It shuts down. (btw, the virus got rid of the dll called framedyn, for those wondering what it was). After this, I reformatted the computer, thinking that this damned hardware will actually help me out for once and connect to the internet so i can start downloading all the previous data. Now, now, did you actually think this thing would actually connect to the router? I was left trying to fix this since this morning. I have experienced lag, failure of conectivity, waste of time, and for the most part, MY JAVA CODINGS ARE ALL GONE!!! This really pisses me off. I would love to get my money back, and keep this damnede product. Hell, I would actually pay them to take it away from me! And what I do not get is that we have to have internet in order to email the techteam for a problem of connectivity. I also do not feel like wasting several more hours on the phone, being completely confused on what they are saying. I give this product a 2/10. Good on the first day. Crappier as each day passes.

  7. ZHQ says:

    BELKIN REALLY SUCKS!!!! I’ve wasted my money to buy a trash!!!! There’re lots of better products with a lower price out there…. Really disappointing!!!!!

  8. Lance says:

    Every wireless Belkin I’ve had the displeasure of using is horrible. Some of them work ok for basic web browsing, but try playing a game or streaming a movie and you are screwed. I used to time out of every other game (which gets recorded as a LOSS), and even the games I didn’t get dropped, I still had to alt+tab every one to fifteen seconds repeatedly just to keep the routers attention. My computer was less than fifteen feet away. I swapped it out for an older Wireless G Linksys I had lying around, and never had a problem again until I moved, and guess which kind of router is set up here: Belkin! And I have the same problems all over again. So do yourself a favor and just burn any money you might be considering spending on a Belkin, or better yet get a Linksys. I would rate Netgear somewhere in between the two, and D-Link almost as bad as Belkin. I’m sure some fanboy of one of these I didn’t favor will flame me someday, but keep in mind I’m just basing this off of my own experiences.

  9. Jess C. says:

    Today was (at least) the fourth series of calls I’ve made to Belkin this summer. My connection to the wireless G router has a habit of collapsing upon itself for various reasons. Today I went through two yahoos putting me on hold forever (I think they hate me there by now, as I do not react well to technical problems at home) before the one intelligent person they have walked me through the problem. I imagine I’ll be speaking to her next week. If it happens again I’m a) getting a Linksys and b) taking the Belkin to an empty field and beating it repeatedly with a bat.

  10. Belkin SUCKS says:

    ALL Belkin products SUCK. ALL OF THEM.

    What a company….

  11. Taiwo says:

    I agree. Belkin is a really poor company. Its routers are a Piece of crap. I have called belkin twice now, and each time they have upgraded me to the next best router in it’s model line. But the routers have packed up even faster with each new model! I can’t help but laugh :)) it’s a joke of a company. Just sad that I wasted my hard earned cash on one.

  12. Jim says:

    Here is an example of a reply email I received about a Belkin complaint concerning a key coming off of my N52TE. This should say it all about Belkin and how much they care about you. I might add this went on for a few hours between low level chat techs, supervisors of low-level chat techs, calls to customer service, and finally a BRILLIANT call from their “SENIOR” level tech department who told me “exactly” what the lowest paid chat tech makes. Who knows, maybe there isn’t a hierarchy there. Maybe it is just one person with a voice changer? Either way, Belkin support is useless.

    Begin email response:

    Have you been assisted with your inquiry?

    My response:

    No I haven’t been helped with this incident. I received a call from a “senior level tech” around 10 p.m. Central (which I appreciated…thank you), BUT that “senior level” tech told me EXACTLY what your lowest level chat tech told me. This is almost laughable that you pay the “senior” techs to spout the same lines as the lower level techs. He was of no help at all and didn’t seem to want to be. I won’t be purchasing Belkin products in the future as I had been warned not to do in the beginning. I think your company needs a lesson in courtesy and honoring agreements. I don’t need some low level tech asking me what I plan on doing with an email address that I inquire about. Is that his business? I don’t think so. I wanted to contact Mr. Moore in the hopes I could get a half-way decent response to my inquiry. I will eventually contact someone in charge there at Belkin and when I do I am going to lay all this out on the table for them to see. I have saved every chat session as well. I also don’t need (name withheld) asking me if I “dropped” my pad. Are you just attempting to get out of liability? I know in the past that Belkin sent out replacement keys for these speedpads just because the numbering was worn off. Can I not get a single key that simply pops in place to continue using my speedpad? I know you could get me one, but you seem not to care. I purchased an extended warranty that made my total warranty three years from November 26, 2009 to November 26, 2012. Now it seems I can’t even buy a NEW speedpad (not that I would) since it has been discontinued. Word of advice: Don’t allow extended warranties on products that are to be deactivated before the warranty expires. That is just bad business. You end up with situations like the one we have here. I would like to say that this is just a failure to communicate, but upon reading of all the customer complaints concerning Belkin support I see that it is not. I WILL be getting in contact with someones superiors at Belkin (if they exist) and maybe then I will get somewhere or at least feel like I am being listened to. If you have a suggestion OTHER than “call customer service…blah..blah…” email me back. If not, thanks for your concern, but your company is on my “do not buy from” list until this matter is rectified. By the way…Customer Service gave me the WRONG email address either by accident or on purpose. I’ll never know because I will not be calling them back. I CAN’T FAX proof of my extended two-year warranty as I don’t have a FAX machine and no-one would provide an email address for me that went anywhere. Hmmmm…. I will be telling all of my techie friends and others that I work on computers for not to buy your products as well. It is high time that the consumer starts to vote with their wallets as we should have been doing all along.

    Signed, A VERY Disgruntled FORMER Belkin supporter

  13. zakk lopez says:

    belkin’s are a peice of shit i have the n750 the highest type they have and after a year it has to be reset constantly it goes in and out and worst of all it stole 150 bucks from my wallet screw you belkin and your peices of shit routers.

  14. Displeased in Wisconsin says:

    Worst router I have ever owned. I talked for 5 minutes before the tech specialist told me that “we do not support this product any more you must go to a senior specialist, OK?” I couldn’t understand her the first 5 times. Then finally when I could I told her fine to transfer me. The next guy all he wanted to do was get me to pay 39 dollars for another specialist to try and get my xbox working with their shitty router. Never again.