50 Book Challenge

February 2nd, 2004

Decided I should formally declare my participation in the “50 Book Challenge” meme. (via eric) Which is not to say I plan to read more books then I did last year, as I’m sure I’ve read at least 50 books a year since I was 14, with the exception of a couple years during the craziest stretches of college, and MetaEvents.com. (I’ll probably read about half as many as I did last year, after all I was un/under-employed for most of it, including an interminable 4 months in New England during a 20 year winter). But more of a promise to myself to write something about them. And just to keep it interesting (for myself) I’ll probably skip counting re-reads (as I tend to cycle through my clutch of several dozen close favorites on a 24 month cycle, though a few get read even more frequently then that), and any tech books which are pure code. (unless they’re hard for me to stay awake reading, like “Learning UML”). I’ve got 3 or 4 backlogged I need to right something about (or dredge up the emails to my literary pen pals, and just use that.)

Not sure why you’ve read this far, this was a pure self indulgence, but, like declaring your new year’s resolutions, should be easier to stick to it.

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