Doing Kant Proud

July 18th, 2004

Crooked Timber is really my favorite group blog of late, occupying largely the same spot randomWalks did when I was first getting into blogs.(ah, that distant past) It’s intelligent, and insightful, and funny (I’m constantly wanting to quote bits), and the range!

Case in point, I just found a lovely thread on China Mieville, starting with CT’s post, Speculative Economics: if the scifi/fantasy you’re reading isn’t dealing with economics, then you aren’t reading the right books.

Which links to an earlier piece by Henry, Goblin Markets, reiterating that Meiville is a frickin world building genius.

From there the thread is picked up by John Holbo (another CT contributor), acknowledges China’s world building, but questions how subversive his story telling is, but I just have to call out this bit, but it’s so perfect

Even while I was reading, I remember having a distinct ‘can we just slow down this exciting chase scene so I can take in the scenery?’ reaction. Meiville should seriously consider writing a thumping great historical political economy of his world – Marx’s Das Silmaril
Where do I sign up, I’d pre-order right now!

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