20 responses to “The Longest Starbucks Order”

  1. Scott says:

    hahaha that made my day.

  2. Mark says:

    This drink is impossible since you cannot have a hot frappuccino as all frapp’s are cold and blended with ice. Time to recognize!

  3. Kate says:

    okay.. that drink is possible because even though all frappuccinos are cold and blended with ice, the person orded the drink HOT WITH FOAM. which means he wants his FOAM hot. not the actual DRINK.

  4. Chris says:

    Well one thing they left off was the specific temperature they wanted it heated to. NO JOKE, I was as Starbark’s and the employee called out a 190 degree chai latte. OUT OF CONTROL.

  5. Chelsea says:

    Okay, first off…double venti? All ventis are doubles. Fraps can’t be extra hot with foam. They can’t be upside down either.

  6. jamie says:

    someone needs to order this drink but instead of saying venti they should say large just to make it more confusing

  7. angela says:

    how about:

    Quad Ristretto Iced Venti Whole Milk Organic 3 Pump Vanilla 2 Pump Cinnamon Dolce Extra Hot with Foam and Whipped Cream Upside Down Stirred Latte

  8. Javarod says:

    Hmm, this is reminiscent of a pizzeria I worked at. Me and the owner’s son were trying to figure out the longest way to order lasagna after lots of goofy orders from customers. You see the lasagna was made in a large batch then cut into individual orders. When someone ordered we added sauce, cheese and heated it up in the pizza oven. In the end we came up with baked lasagna parmagina al forno ifn I remember correctly.

  9. Kaylee says:

    Thats is one HAWT drink. =]]

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  11. Traver says:

    a Venti, sugar-free, non-fat, vanilla soy, double shot, decaffinated, no foam, extra hot, Peppermint White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha with light whip, upside-down, 1 pump of peppermint, 1 and 3/8 pumps vanilla,180 degrees, heavy whip-cream, 3 ice cubes, 1/4 teaspoon Nutmeg sprinkled on top, with green sprinkles, lightly cinnamon dusted on, stirred, with no lid, double cupped, and a straw. …. …. Please

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  13. Loiré says:

    Are we really arguing over whether a $9 coffee-product can actually exist? Really? Let me give you guys some advice: It’s coffee. Buck and a quarter at the Waffle House. ~.^

  14. Robert says:

    You forgot the chocolate sprinkles on top!!!LOL

  15. Drew says:

    I tried to order this, through the drive-thru. It worked….

  16. Milliee says:


    It reads “extra hot with foam”. If he/she had said “extra hot foam” than that woulda been what you said. Plus foam doesn’t stay very hot.. especially when you’re putting it on top of a cold beverage.

  17. mark says:

    This is 100% impossible. Frappuccinos dont use espresso shots, or steamed milk, so it would never even have foam to begin with. Also it cant be upside down. Oh and you cant double blend a frappuccino. Nothing would change… -from your favourite starbucks barrista

  18. DrSeussFreak says:

    Venti, sugar-free, non-fat, vanilla soy, double shot, decaf, no foam, extra hot, Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha with light whip and extra syrup

    this is longer

  19. Rich says:

    Hahaha Traver that made my day.

    I get that Grande Latte with soy milk, 2 pumps Cinnamon Dolce 2 pumps Raspberry no whip heated to 140 degrees.