2 responses to “Is there any living, breathing example of a taxonomic approach working?”

  1. Jesse says:

    Dewey Decimal? The taxonomy of living things (Phylum, Class, Order …)?

  2. kellan says:

    Jesse those both seem to be good examples of old style taxonomies: maintained by experts, slowly accreting, contended over as a limited resource. Having to send your photos or blog posts away to the Library of Congress to find out how they should be tagged sounds like a failure case :)

    Alternately I suppose that you could argue that production of science and naming rather then being seen as an unwieldly domain of experts is actually an example of a self organizing community of passionate actors producing content in a distributed ad-hoc manner, sync’ed only by a handful of rules.

    Neither one lend themselves to casual participation. (is that a feature or a bug I wonder?)