it’s not you, it’s me

February 15th, 2007

Pipes has all the ingredients of something that should really set me off. Pipes, filters, mashups, RSS, Atom, RDF (singing) these are a few of my favorite things! So, what gives? I’m genuinely worried that I’m sick, depressed, losing it, or otherwise replaced by a pod alien. Possibly all the above. … So, it’s not you, it’s me.” – Les – Thoughts on Pipes on the Web

Yeah, exactly that.

One response to “it’s not you, it’s me”

  1. Risukun says:

    I just gave it a try to do a fairly simple task: combine 4 RSS/RDF feeds from 3 different sites into one. However, there don’t seem to be sufficient operators for very common schema transformation tasks (i.e. combining RSS & RDF feeds), like renaming fields (publication -> pubDate) or converting date strings within feeds. I also discovered, to my horror, that pubDate was being sorted as a string, which completely fails for the typical (stupid) date formats that don’t start with YYYY-MM-DD (the Japanese get this right and I switched to this for file naming purposes years ago). The strange thing is the there is a seperate date format widget, but no obvious way to use it to convert fields within an RSS feed… Foreach:Annotate seemed a likely candidate, but it doesn’t seem to support a nested date conversion block. The bizarre part is that they have some random advanced operations (translation, analysis, location extraction), but are missing some very basic ones and/or appropriate conversion operators for common tasks. I also encountered a couple of error dialogs (the very first operator I tried to add failed). Cute interface, largely broken functionality for some common use cases (i.e. combining feeds).