Agave Dreaming

June 2nd, 2007

Dear future self,

I’m reminding you about your stated goal on 43 things, to “Learn more about tequila”.

How’s it going?

Sincerely, Your past self

Thinking a visit to Tommy’s is in order one of these days. Anyone interested?

3 responses to “Agave Dreaming”

  1. Me like tequila. Plus, Tommy’s is in my neighborhood. And, I haven’t seen you in ages. Count me in.

  2. Matthew Rothenberg says:

    I’m in too. Also for consideration, there is La Pinata’a tequila bar in Alameda, which has a insanely gigantic (300+) tequila menu.

  3. Maureen says:

    Do you even need to ask?!

    (I was sold on Tommy’s when I saw that they offer Ninja Master PhDs'' in Tequila. Surpassed only by the title ofDemi-God of Tequila”, of course. Wow.)