2 responses to “Hypertable looks really interesting from everything I’ve read but …”

  1. Jon Sofield says:

    Your question is a very good one….. essentially and in my simple terms (I being a BD guy) is Zvents is not a calendaring company, rather we are a Local Search company…so we built Hypertable to allow us to do search better, just like our friends in MTV.

  2. Ethan Stock says:

    Easy answer – we’re a local search company, not a calendaring company. We view time as a crucial component of next-generation local search; one of the most significant of hundreds of factors that drive relevance and ad matching, for the benefit of both consumers and local businesses. It’s worth noting that Google Calendar actually is an instance of BigTable, but our focus is on highly scalable complex analytic processes to deliver next-generation local search. Thus (among many other cool pieces of technology) Hypertable.

    If I were running a search service for a network of hundreds of unique media partners (check) across a broad range of localities (check) for a rapidly growing index composed of time-series information (check) and delivering relevance to broadly-expressed consumer intent requiring a great deal of behavioral analysis to do meaningful relevance (check) I’d need something like…?


    Cheers, Ethan Stock CEO Zvents