Blizzard calendaring, and email. Next: spreadsheets!

October 15th, 2008

And in calendaring/scheduling news…., originally uploaded by kellan.

Been a while since we’ve had any calendaring/scheduling news here on LM. So I’m fulfilling my calendaring dork credentials by pointing out that with a certain glee, that Blizzard just rolled out a calendaring engine to 15 million people yesterday.

Pictured here with their proprietary mail system, Blizzard is well on its way to building a full PIM/productivity suite for an alternate universe.

3 responses to “Blizzard calendaring, and email. Next: spreadsheets!”

  1. l.m.orchard says:

    I appreciate the calendar feature, personally, because it’s telling me when the in-game holidays are – something I forget about even in the real world.

    But, you know, integrated spreadsheets would not be useless in WoW. Some of the more hardcore already use some gnarly formula-sprinkled Excel constructs to statistically optimize their character itemization for damage, healing, etc.

    What I think is the real killer feature in the new WoW patch, though, is the barber salon. I gave my gnome a killer new pink coif and beard, complete with waxed pointy moustache.

  2. Kellan says:

    Are you playing again? Hadn’t seen Paytol on for a while.

    And yes, I wasn’t joking about the integrated spreadsheets, my brother is hard core spreadsheet jockey, and a ridiculous gnarly WoW player.

  3. l.m.orchard says:

    I renewed my account at least, and have been playing off and on again. Mostly with alts on other servers, with an occasional visit to Paytol… I’ll probably get re-hooked when the expansion comes out :)