When I say “FUD” …

October 22nd, 2009

"Flicker upcoming"? WTF? :)

… I mean Flickr/Upcoming/Delicious. In particular, I mean that brief moment of optimism in the Spring of ’06, on the roof of the Iron Cactus, at the Spread the FUD party, when it looked like Yahoo! had a wedge and the will to solve the social search problem, and magically, I might even get to be a part of that. I said in my cover letter (in silly flowery, cover letter speak)

“The next round of innovation will be about building connections. The explosion of voices, information and ideas is currently outpacing our techniques for coping with them. We need to be helping people and communities find new ways to connect, interact, and work together to make sense of this accelerating decentralization. Innovation has been blossoming at the edges of the Net since the beginning, but innovation is also moving back to the connecting nodes, like Yahoo.”

Which is much on my mind when I hear about Marissa demo’ing social search yesterday.

And I’m deeply puzzled (and not a little disappointed) that anyone would care if Bing or Google can search the public status timelines, if it doesn’t come with social context.

Now the question is can Goog shake their historied failure at all things social.

Photo from Jan Brašna

2 responses to “When I say “FUD” …”

  1. Dave Beckett says:

    Apart from in certain more narrow areas (e.g. Photos – Flickr), has a wider social network (FB etc.) solved social context? I don’t think so. I also don’t think it’ll ever be solved. Society moves on and so should the context that computers enhance/support. Social search is also just a narrow slice of the technology that helps. Sites that provide functions search(keywords) => list of results is not much of a start. So in other words, it’s all to play for.

  2. Kellan says:

    “Sites that provide functions search(keywords) => list of results is not much of a start.” is a lovely succinct summary of the problem. I’ll probably steal that.