geobloggers: Flickr Photos now in Bing Maps

February 12th, 2010

“This, is what geotagging photos is all about, it’s about having enough of them, millions and millions, so that they can be thrown through complex analysis, allowing them to be matched up, combined, calculated and computed into a geo-spatal context. It’s also about people sharing the world about them. Start of mini rant: You’ll see that all these advances are made by Google and Microsoft …” – Rev. Dan Catt.

I try not to let it get to me anymore that we’ve been actively de-prioritizing geo as an axis of understanding the human experience as everyone else has been spinning it up..

4 responses to “geobloggers: Flickr Photos now in Bing Maps”

  1. Luis says:

    Could you expand a bit on why you’ve been actively de-prioritizing geo? As much as the privacy implications trouble me, I used to enjoy having a map of my pictures in my gallery.

  2. Ingo says:

    I would say that Yahoo couldn’t compete in the Geo space anyway. Look at the competition: Microsoft has the hottest Computer Vision team /in the world/ in their research division, whereas Google has dished out such an enormous amount of money and effort on Streetview that it would be almost silly, if it weren’t so cool 😉

    This doesn’t have to be bad, its all about positioning. I couldn’t care less whether I have street-view integration in flickr. I couldn’t care less about other people’s photos of the same thing that I photographed. I don’t use geo because its too f**king annoying to get the data in and I really have not seen /any/ good tool for it, save my Android phone which just does it, because it has the sensor anyway — but the photos are crappy, so that doesn’t me much good anyway.

    IMHO, all this stuff thats coming out currently doesn’t make sense in the flickr context. It makes sense for the map folks, but only for them.

    This is not to say that Geo would not be useful in the flickr space. Its just that the tools I currently see don’t interest me, beyond the purely technical aspects (and having done my fair share of computer vision, albeit in robotics, I /do/ appreciate the technical challenges they had to overcome). And of course I recognize that having infrastructure and algorithms in place to create novel uses is a huge plus. I’m just saying: If flickr would have done what MS and Google are doing currently, I wouldn’t have wondered why they spent all the effort.

  3. Ingo says:

    OK, having read a bit more about the backgrounds, it appears that MS is actually trying to infer the geo stuff automatically, which is amazing. I also think its illustrative that even Google can’t match that at the moment (they appear to be using only photo who are already tagged): Its an incredibly tough problem.

  4. Kellan says:

    @luis the only “why” I can give you is short sighedness.

    @Ingo I hear you, and yet Flickr currently has the dominant collection of meaningful, personal geotagged objects, with a historical 2-3 yr lead time. That wasn’t a hard advantage to defend.