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All Consuming Taken Over By Robots!

May 25th, 2005

2002 was a good year for innovation, and All Consuming was one of my favorite site that came out that year. I used it, I recommended it, I wrote scripts based on it. But slowly it drifted into unusability, got slower, didn’t evolve, and eventually I went back to using Amazon as my site for proxying books onto the web.

3 years later its been revived (in 24 hours!), and is now being officially hosted as a Robot Coop app! This is great. Because there is sooo much more I’d like to see done with it! (Haven’t decided if this is good enough reason to stop hacking on my Rails book management app which is still just some quick sketches in a notebook)

That said, I’m a little ambivalent of the last of focus in the new app. Not sure if its snobbery, or segregationist tendencies, but I don’t want to share the website with non-book like media. But thats a minor quibble.

The Robots have always said that 43 Things was just the first of a long list of good ideas they wanted to roll out, and here we have their second app. Congrats guys.

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