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Yahoo and A bit of speculation

December 12th, 2005

So the Yahoo acquisition of hit every tech blog on the planet this weekend, and hardly needs more rehashing. But a couple of ideas I haven’t seen elsewhere from one of my mailing lists.

It was pointed out that

[Yahoo] recently hired all the IBM people that worked at the WebFountain project.

And that the database of tagged website would be an awfully juicy source of data to start analyzing. Yahoo is the obvious player to build post-search interfaces, browsable and discoverable like Yahoo of old, but this time built to Web-scale.

Meanwhile is anyone watching the Flock’s future? What with its APIs to Yahoo’s Flickr, Yahoo’s, and integrated editor for all those new MT blogs. Just a thought.

Upcoming to Yahoo

October 5th, 2005

Congrats to Andy, Gordon, and Leonard, and about damn time. I first saw Upcoming almost exactly two years ago and thought “Wow, now that is how to do calendaring.” (and apparently I was jealous even back then!) Good luck!

Now we can all speculate on what will be, but I’m thinking this round might be going to Yahoo.

update: And dear god, where I can get some of whatever Gordon is on, Upcoming and Ning!?!? No kidding “bred for skill in magic.”

update2: Flickr, Upcoming, and Ning, all built on PHP.

Bloglines Getting Bought? Who Next Flickr?

February 5th, 2005

Anyone else heard the rumor that Bloglines has been bought? No announcement on Mark’s blog, or to the internal list. Word on the street is they were purchased by Ask Jeeves, who has always been decidedly third rate. Alas.

update: some confirmation, and yes lots of people have heard it

update 2: I’m also hearing that flickr has fallen off the wagon (at the insistences of their funders), and will be going to Yahoo. Wonder how long till we see something on the flickr blog

update 3: Mark on the acquisition. No one else seems to have an independent source for the flickr rumor, but I’m sticking to it (I’ve heard a figure, but that seems confidential)

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