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Community at Etel: Emerging Telephony

January 24th, 2006

Etel started this morning, so if this the first you’re hearing of it, you’re too late to check the RAGI: Ruby on Rails with Asterisk talk, but not too late to check Evan and Blaine’s Phone Communities and Activism Showcase (you might have seen the preview at Foocamp), or Tad’s Speakeasy: Using Open Source to Overcome Barriers and Promote Community Development in an Immigrant Neighborhood. Conveniently they’re back to back Thursday afternoon.

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N30 and D1

December 1st, 2004

Some people seemed to get excited about yesterday, something about it being the 5 year anniversary of the launching of Indymedia (see John Tarleton’s work for a survey of that heady first year) and the launching of a (white) radical public identity in the US. Important stuff.

But we all know that the real importance of November 30th is that today is December 1st, which means the first day of the Perl Advent Calendar, which kicks off with one of my favorite modules, DateTime.

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Now With Extra Top Spin

September 29th, 2004

Heard a smash up of MTV’s venerable “Rock the Vote” campaign last night…. “Vote with Rocks”. Looking at that logo, I swear there is a wrist rocket lurking in that red check mark, just waiting to be outted by some creative graphic artist.
update: Whoohoo, John of the excellent social design notes heard my plea, and delivered, with style!

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