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March 17th, 2003

Alright, one of you people is a little weird. Since I’ve started including the full content of posts in my feed, I’ve definitely seen an increase in aggregators. (and a decrease in page view) Thats fine.

But you, the one who is running RssBandit, nntp//rss, and something involving LWP, thats over doing it a bit. I promise I serve the same RSS feeds to all user-agents, really. One aggregator should be good enough.

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Custom News Clipping with Magpie

February 27th, 2003

Laze talks about using gnews2rss to extract a custom RSS feed from Google News, and then parse and re-display it with Magpie. Home rolled news clipping service, like this one on progeria.

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Straw, and changes

January 27th, 2003

Started using Straw yesterday. I’m very happy with it. Works great. Especially once I figured out how to get links to open in Mozilla instead of Galeon. And is much more scalable in an era of RSS everywhere. (see cvs2rss) The only change I really want is the ability to categorize feeds, and only see certain groups, because I already have a lot of feeds I track.

In lieu of this switch, I’m retiring the Tracking sidebar, if you use it, I can keep it available somewhere if you like, let me know. I’m replacing it with an MLP log like Anil’s instead. A form I’ve been finding very liberating today.

Do need to figure out how to work in the blogroll aspects.

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