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Google Reader, Third Impressions

June 1st, 2007

So the promise of offline-ing is getting me to try to switch to reader, again. I stuck with through the night this time, so this might be the switch. (Though in truth my favorite part is I’ve only got 14 feeds in the aggregator so far.)

Couple of quick questions:

  • Am I missing the easy “subscribe to saved blog search” feature? Or do I really need to leave the app to set that up?

  • And where is search? Of course I can search all my read items, right? Where is it?

  • Share is neat. Anybody got a good Reader shared items to script around?

  • And an observation. Seems like it takes significantly longer for new items to show up then in Bloglines (at least for popular feeds). Which is weird, but as I’m trying to let go to the fast-twitch feed reading dependency maybe this will help.

Question: Worst possible sin in a feed aggregator?

April 20th, 2007

Answer: Showing old content as new

Ugh! Ack! Stop it. Life is too short to see old blog posts, god forbid blog posts I’ve already read.


In every application you have to figure out what your SLAs are, and this shapes every choice you make.

If you’re writing an aggregator (or maintaining an existing one) your first priority should be suppressing false positives for newness, everything else pales in comparison.

Despite the obvious geek-macho appeal optimizing timeliness is way way down the list.

LazyWeb: Suppressed Blog Posts

Wanted: a plugin for WordPress that holds back from the feeds all new content for 6 to 12 hours (depending on length, and categories) so you don’t have to see me correcting all my spelling mistakes in painful real time. (might also be useful in cutting down on real dumb blog posts)


Bloglines get your act together, you’ve been terrible for weeks, and I don’t have time for this. This morning I got a blog post from Caterina announcing Yahoo’s acquisition of I’ve been a user, fan and evangelist for 4 years, I hate every other online aggregator I’ve tried, but I’m leaving if this continues.

State of the Art of Offline Aggregators?

May 20th, 2006

A lazy web request (or jet-lagged web as the case may be)

Is NetNewsWire still where its at for OSX desktop aggregators? I’ve been away from the desktop so long I don’t even know the players.

Do any of the aggregators do pre-fetching/offline-ing like NewsMonster did back in the old days? (Or did MarkP perhaps nip that line of development in the bud??) Something, you know, for long train rides?

Are there open source clients that sync with the NewsGator API, and run on Linux or do only NewsGator products sync with NewsGator?

Also want a host of other attention based/sensitive features, but to brain fried to put those into words. In the mean time I think the reading list will under go serious (if perhaps temporary) winnowing.


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Aggregating People

May 1st, 2006

Maybe its just splash from Richard [talking about it], but I saw a bunch of twitter about peoplefeeds today. And I have the same problem I had with SuperGlu, I really don’t need help aggregating my own content, I made it, I shot it, I wrote it, I posted it. I got it already. I wish someone would build a decent DLA of other peoples’ content. If you need a spec email me and we can talk. Interestingly enough 30Boxes, a calendar, does the best job to date that I’ve seen. (43* is in a slightly different space)

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