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July 29th, 2004

I didn’t realize DOAP wasn’t out when Jo was proselytizing it at the Aspiration convergence earlier this month. If I’d know that I’d have jumped on it, you know be one of those early mover cool kids. Now it is released, with a web page, and a OSCON session + Danny O’Brien write up.

My initial feedback is that we’ve got to stop being so damned cute with our naming if this stuff is going to get wide adoption, FOAF, LOAF, DOAP, come on!

Still, Magpie DOAP (hmm, have to see if I can use .htaccess to force proper content-type), courtesy of the DOAP-a-matic. Really Sourceforge should spit this out automatically, in the mean time it would be a trivial hack to write a Sourceforge RSS to DOAP converter. (that was a hint)

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Hacking for a Better World

July 20th, 2004

We’ve had quite a bonanza of code released in the weeks since AdvocacyDev. People laugh when I talk about the “dotOrg boom”, but this is what I’m talking about folks.

Not at the get together, but very much present in spirit (perhaps without their consent), TheyWorkForYou, the British project to make legislature accessible, and accountable by allowing you to track their actual voting and debate record, has released their code, and their data sets(!). (PHP/MySQL, GPL, download)

Notably all these tools, beyond being open source, focus on opening up new channels of communication and engagement, “open sourcing” the organizing process if you will.

More to come very soon.

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In the Bay Area Next Week

June 24th, 2004

I’m going to be in San Francisco next week (Mon-Fri) working out of the San Francisco office, and hanging out with Aspiration Tech and some of the smartest folks working in online advocacy. I’m hoping it will be a “CodeCon” version of Planetworks.

Days are mostly spoken for (and weekend I’ll be hanging out with the fam in Santa Cruz), but if anyone wants to grab coffee/dinner next week, drop a line.

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