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April 12th, 2006

Brian, Rod, and glenn have launched the Boston Web Technology Forum, a group blog documenting (and hopefully instigating) innovation in the local Boston web scene.

Their initial article is on the relaunch of Ajax calendar startup Kiko (the original!), and how its new features stack up against 30Boxes (the contender). Biggie vs. Tupac style.

Looks promising, Brian’s coverage is deeper then the Techcrunch patented drive-by review, and Rod in particular brings the biting insight which is shaping up to be the UK most successful 21st export.

The topic being calendaring I couldn’t resist going all pundity in the comments.

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Another Vertical Search

February 9th, 2006

I’m sure if I could ever get Zillow to load it could be interesting, and for many out there I’m sure HealthLine is useful, but would someone hurry up and launch a vertical search that allows me to find hotel rooms with fireplaces or better yet cabins with woodstoves? (In other news, unseasonably warm or not, I’m tired of New England winter)

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Boston.rb, Next Tuesday (Feb 7th)

February 2nd, 2006

After a rather long hiatus, Boston.rb is reasonably likely to meet Feb. 7th. Website seems to experiencing the dreaded 502 Bad Gateway error (umm, yeah, secrets out, Rails hosting is non-trivial), but jump on the list for more info. (or at least join in the confusion)

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December 13th, 2005

We’ve been talking about a move to New York ever since I moved back from Seattle, just over a year ago. (Boston, as much as we like it, has always been a way station)

Recent events have moved up our timeline (which had been lazily extending itself for months) and now we’re looking to make a move by the end of the year. (as in 18 days and counting)


So we’re looking for housing, either short term, or not, immediately, if not sooner. Any tips would be great. (ideally something more then “Brooklyn, baby, Brooklyn”)


And I’m taking this change to seriously start looking for the next gig, which has been on the back burner. If you read this blog you have a sense of what I do, and what I’m interested in.

If you happen to know a team doing cool and innovative work, that could use a LAMP(R) hacker, syndication guru, and/or calendar wonk, put them in touch. Additionally if you know someone interested in getting some perspective on the evolving nature of the Web, the network, or open source from someone who has been engaged in the work and community for 8+ years, I’ve been know to wear that hat as well.

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Boston Holiday Art Sales

November 30th, 2005

Fort Point Holiday Sale: Friday, December 9, 11am-7pm, Saturday, December 10, 11am-5pm

Museum School 25th Annual December Sale: Thursday, December 1, 12-8 pm (Opening Celebration: 5-8 pm), Friday, December 2 – Monday, December 5, 12-6 pm

MassArt’s Annual Holiday Sale: December 5th – 10th; 10am – 7 pm

In other news, it really should be easier to add events to Upcoming, and Markdown needs support for microformats

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Oh my aching head

November 15th, 2005

Nothing quite like the hangover from one of Mako and Mika’s famous sushi and Debian parties.

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Boston PHP Tonight

November 3rd, 2005

Been meaning to make it to Boston PHP all year, and while tonight’s topic doesn’t look terribly compelling, better late then never.

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Snow: A Four Letter Word

October 29th, 2005

In October. Unbelievable. See you all in May. (just in time for Boston’s new tornado season?)

"Snow is a four letter word,
no is the only part of the word that I heard, 
call me morbid or absurd"
– with apologies to Cake


**update 2005-11-1: ** In fairness to Boston, every day since has been stunningly beautiful, sunny and 70 degrees. Supremely odd weather to have after getting several inches of snow.

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