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Boston: Last Week’s Meetups

September 20th, 2005

I didn’t do a very good job of advertising last week’s meetups, but just so you know, you missed the inaugural meeting of Boston.rb rising, phoenix-like, from the ashes. Next meeting is Oct. 4th (first Tuesday, also known as Ruby Tuesday), and I think I’m on the hook for some, as yet unspecified “tech talk”.

Also the first (only?) Web 2.0 meetup, which was a bit “schmoozy” for a term that I think of as capturing a back to our roots aspect of the Web, but was full of good people including Brian (finally!), David, the other David, and Steve. Antonio couldn’t make it, something about actually releasing software (so Web 1.0!), but he finally has a blog, so now I can link to him anyway.

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Where Are the Startups?

September 15th, 2005

David asks “Where are the European startups?”. I disagree with his conclusions, but combined with my own “Where are the Boston startups?”, I’ve come up with the following maxim:

The number of interesting startups in a region is inversely proportional to its distance from the Bay Area/Silicon Valley.

And like I said in David’s comments I think this has to do with infrastructure. Both in terms of cheap and easy hardware, cheap and easy hosting, startup appropriate real estate, and the fuzzier infrastructures of engaged peers, large pool of trained talent, and cultural validation.

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Thunderstorm in Boston

August 2nd, 2005

Okay, blogging about the weather is almost as bad as blogging about cats, but was anyone else woken by last night’s storm? At least here in Jamaica Plain I was counting 30-40 lightning strikes a minute, we had strikes in our backyard, the thunder sounded like the end of the world, and it all went on for at least an hour.

Impressive and a bit scary, never seen anything like it.

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Web Thursday in Boston

July 31st, 2005

This Thursday (Aug 4th) is the next meeting of the Boston PHP (out of date) user group [Boston University Office of Information Technology – 111 Cummington Street]( at 6:30PM, and the next New England Web Designers (NEWD) meetup at Cambridge Brewing Company, at 7:30pm. You’ll have to choose as at that time of day, with the Red Sox playing at home, I wouldn’t recommend trying to do both.

Haven’t decided if I’ll be re-cuped enough to make it to either yet.

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A Definite Dearth

June 20th, 2005

Spent lunch chatting about all things Web 2.0, and found someone else who is asking the same question I’ve been asking

Where are the cool East Coast start ups?

Where are the Robot Coops, the Flickrs, the Odeos? I’d settle for a 24 Hour Laundry. Its like something happens somewhere around Chicago, that means the East Coast is going to miss Web 2.0 even worse then it missed Web 1.0

Who am I forgetting? Where are the rest?

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Spotted at ERC

June 18th, 2005

Spotted at ERC: one man, with pile of books, 1369 cup (a coffee shop 3 miles, and a world away), and a metronome.

I can’t explain it.

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Dunkin Donuts Caffeine Delivery System

April 29th, 2005

One of the great trials of living in Boston is the misconception that Dunkin Donuts serves coffee, and consquently blights the landscape with its pink and orange saturation, salting the earth for a more fertile offering to grow. DD fails at even the most basic requirement, the medicinal one, of delivering sufficient caffeine to stave off headaches, or bring early morning coherence. The coffee simply is too watery and unpalatable to be able to consume sufficient quantities to get one’s dosage.

Last night however, trapped in the wasteland which is North Station/Fleet Center (to meet up with Rob, at Dan’s get together [yes, simple is new the black]), and desperately in need of something, anything, I ventured in, looking, listlessly around, without much hope, and noticed that DD now serves espresso. Now the stomach curdles (literally) at the idea of a DD late, but the espresso, however, was effective. 2-3 sips of inoffensive warm liquid, with a hint of coffee flavor, and a solid 100mg or so of caffeine. Made by a machine of course, but it arrived in this cute little cup, pre-fitted with lid, reminded me of a bubble tea packaging, but without the anime character printed on it.

We take our victories where we can. And I’m going to try not to cry while reading How to Find a Great Coffee House, Part II

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CyberArts Boston

April 26th, 2005

Bypassing the generally poor website, Jasmine and I were able to acquire a printed guide to the CyberArts festival (running for 2 weeks, started last Saturday). There are several themes beyond the traditional video art running through this years festival that I find interesting, in particularly public art working with idea of place, e.g mapping, GPS, and WiFi.

We kicked off yesterday with the opening of “Digital Disclosures”. And here are our (largely uninformed) picks for the rest of festival.


OnePixel – “A ‘Performance Map’ by Steven R Holloway, One Pixel Boston demonstrates that the spirit of a living place cannot be appreciated without direct experience.” [more]

DeCordova – not in Boston proper, the Lincoln located sculpture park has several very interesting sounding exhibits running through May 1st, including Train by John Klima, Sound installation by Carrie Bodle examining the use of sound in mapping wikis, and installation by Yoko Ono contemporary Nam June Paik

Itinerant by Teri Rueb – “blending voices of characters both fictional and first person… a walk through downtown Boston with head phones and a GPS-equipped pocket PC… monologue as it unfolds according to the correspondingly rational and irrational design of the city’s streets.” Reminds me of Talking Street

Wed., April 27th

Floating Points 2 – Networked Art in Public Spaces. 7pm

Fri., April 29th

Lecture by Debra Singer, former curator of the Whitney. 6:30pm

Tue., May 3rd

Beyond the Digital Print – Boston Public Library.

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A Few Random Notes on Food

April 26th, 2005

Grabbed an early dinner at Tamarind Bay this Sunday. It was as good as promised, really excellent, richly seasoned, interesting takes on traditional Indian fare, and cheaper then expected. Get the Lalla mussa dal. And the interior design got Jasmine’s stamp of approval.

Walking across Winthrop Square, I also visited Upstairs on the Square last week. As a party of 8 we had the veranda to ourselves, which I recommend if you can swing it. Upstairs was also as good as promised (get egg custard appetizer), though rather more expensive then expected. (might have been the 5 bottles of wine).

5 bottles which while quite good, I didn’t enjoy as much as we’ve lately been enjoying the Stone Hedge 2002 Chardonnay from TJ’s.

Equally surprising, has been the discovery of Turtle Island Tofurky Italian Sausage. Never a big fan of tofurky, we’ve been branching out into more fake meats in an effort to raise our protein to calories ratio, and happy to find the Tofurky Italian Sausage is excellent. (in that it is flavorful, chewing, spicy, satisfying, and doesn’t actually taste like any known form of meat)

I’d say, and now back to your regularily scheduled technology/programming blogging, but I’d probably be lying.

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