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Privacy vs Agency

March 8th, 2006

One of the unfrequently mentioned costs of privacy is that you give up the ability to set your own frame. Or put more plainly, one of the benefits of blogging is taking control of your own story. (assuming you can manage the fairly minor feat of establishing yourself as credible source about you)

We don’t normally think in terms of the cost of privacy (other then as the operational cost imposed by one’s threat model), but it came up today, and I was intrigued. (See also Documentation in the Age of Google)

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Brand and Culture: Jasmine got a blog!

October 26th, 2005

So much happened in the last 3 weeks while you’ve been deprived of my piercing insights, its hard to know where to begin catching up.

To me the most exciting news is that Jasmine now has a blog, brandxculture (pronounced ‘brand and culture’). Truth be told she has had it for a while, but only recently officially launched it.

My favorite posts so far are

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Branding, Message, and Goat Cheese

February 23rd, 2005

I hear a lot about branding and message. It comes up over dinner, and when driving down the brand festooned streets of a major metropolitan area.

I’m not entirely sure how this relates, but I feel there are important lessons to be learned by Coach Farms, maker of the triple cream goat cheese brie we bought this weekend but whom Google knows as the premiere source of “Coach Farm’s Alpine Goat Semen: Now Available”.

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