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The State of Enron?

February 1st, 2006

Got caught up on the way home, ended up missing the SotU. Did he happen to call out to his boys Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling who also gave their opening remarks yesterday? Someone really missed a chance to do a cross promotion media event there.

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One More for the Bumper Sticker Culture

January 15th, 2005

Saw a new variation on a old theme this morning, cruising by on the back of a beat up old Volvo

Frodo Failed. Bush Got the Ring

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The Manager in Chief?

May 11th, 2004

Charlie Stross on the oddly short sighted psychoses of our current administration

I have an itchy feeling that it’s no coincidence that Bush is the first US President to be an MBA, and that this stuff is happening on his watch. Moreover, their attitude to dissent can be explained by the hypothesis that they’re trying to run the USA like a corporation rather than a country.

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New Bush Ads

March 4th, 2004

Bush has launched a new series of TV ads which have alternately been described as an “outrageous attempt to use tragedy to score political points”, “using our dead relatives as a springboard for his campaign”, and “his only message seems to be ‘its not my fault’.”

However I can’t comment, as the ads are only available as Windows Media files. Just in case you needed another reason not to like the man.

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The Ongoing Assault on Sanity

October 8th, 2002

Its like a bad joke…

Hey! Did you the hear one about the dockworker strike in California?

Yeah, the management locked our the workers and refuses to let them back to work, but don’t worry the president is going to enforce Taft-Hartley, and end the strike.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

What does it mean to force workers back to work who got locked out? I have this image of the Longshoremen being squished through the chain link fences of the Oakland docks like dough from a cookie press, or cheese through a grater.

Everything you know is wong

  • Its not a strike
  • The Longshoremen aren’t opposed to technology
  • ILWU has specifically said it would like expedite any shipments concerning national security but can’t get back on the docks
  • The best way to have a mediation is not for the management to show up to it armed.

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