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Morning MLPs

August 2nd, 2002
  • Whales beaching themselves on the Cape and giant squid beaching themselves in San Diego, a coincidence?

  • Searching for squid turns up 40 stories (different stories, as Google News groups related stories into 1 item). Searching for anarchist turns up only 6.

  • Bush channeling George Orwell is a funny story that climbed the blogdex charts last week, claiming that Bush should be tried for plagiarizing 1984. Fine and dandy, but Orwell was an anarchist, damn it!(Read Homage to Catalonia) If Bush was actually channeling Orwell the country would be a good deal better off. Pet peeve, I think we should describe our current society as anti-Orwellian, instead of Orwellian.

  • Portrait of the Objectivist as a Young Mang

  • This WP article on Green Anarchy publishing the Unabomber, makes me want to change my earlier judgements of the situation. One needs to be constantly reminded how evil our prison system truly is. Choice quotes.

    Prison official…are investigating whether the article violated rules that prohibit prisoners from publishing under their own names
    To the extent that his message potentially influences malleable people, it’s a concern.
    Because after all, if someone commits a crime we should not only take away their right to vote, but their right to speak as well.

  • Do you talk to someone who thinks the DMCA is just about stealing, and you’re a flaming radical trying to bring down the property system for opposing it? Send them to read Copyright as Cudgel, short, accessible, uses everyones favorite stalking goat, the Church of Scientology. Because sometimes, “So what if I am?”, doesn’t win arguements.

  • Danny O’Brien talks about OS X, and being back in the strange world of proprietary software.

    Every time I get to something interesting in the Mac world, I bump into a barrier of dollar signs… It feels strange to have the possibilities of what I can do on my own PC suddenly limited by how much I can afford.
    Now there is a rallying cry. (btw. scroll down past stuff on Mozilla)

  • Head on RSS-DEV (talking about RDF): “Having it here is like McDonalds arguing over the design of a cow.” GMOs anyone?

  • Why do I bother with Slashdot anymore? They’ve got a story today about William Gibson being 92 and donating his sci-fi collection. BoingBoing has the the same story, but about William “Not That William Gibson” Gibson. Cory was wrong, not everyone sucks at meta-data, just everyone else.

  • Also from BoingBoing, RSS aggregator -> Mozilla tab bookmark file -> “click it before you take your shower, and by the time you’re done, voila, tabbed newspaper!”, a real boon to those of us on slow dial ups.

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