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Snow: A Four Letter Word

October 29th, 2005

In October. Unbelievable. See you all in May. (just in time for Boston’s new tornado season?)

"Snow is a four letter word,
no is the only part of the word that I heard, 
call me morbid or absurd"
– with apologies to Cake


**update 2005-11-1: ** In fairness to Boston, every day since has been stunningly beautiful, sunny and 70 degrees. Supremely odd weather to have after getting several inches of snow.

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The Word from on High

November 14th, 2003

LA buried under a foot of hail! Fires, earthquakes, and now freak hail storms. There is a God, and she is pissed about this whole recall thing.

My one question, where did they find a snow shovel in Los Angeles?

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