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Upcoming Talks, Web2Expo, etc

April 19th, 2008

I’m speaking next Friday at the SF Web2Expo on Casual Privacy. I’m speaking in Dublin Speaking Thursday May 8th (2 weeks later) in Dublin on Advanced OAuth Wrangling. Hope to see you at one or both of those talks.

I’m also excited about a dozen other talks next week, as you can see from my Web2/iCalico schedule.

ETech, SxSW

March 2nd, 2008

I’m heading out for a whirlwind tour of points ever so slightly south. I’ll be in San Diego for ETech, arriving Monday March 3rd (gulp, thats tomorrow) and leaving Thursday for Austin for SxSW, where I’ll be through next Tuesday night. (despite promises to myself, this is not the year I do the interactive+music marathon, I’m realistic, I’ve watched co-workers train all year, not an undertaking for amateurs)


I’m super excited by ETech this year for the first time in recent memory, all the things I want to talk about are on the schedule: large datasets, cheap customizable hardware, social networks, and the environmental, political, and social implications there of.


I haven’t even looked at the schedule for Austin yet, but I’m pumped to see both Heather and Simon talk about lessons learned from trying to internationalize a site like Flickr, (Mon 10am, and Tue 5pm respectively) and Paul and George (along with MattB, and SimonW) talk about working on interdisciplinary teams (Tue 3pm). And Andy’s ensemble “Worst Website Ever” stand up routine looks not to be missed.


What are you going to see?


I’m also looking forward to:

  • having some quiet time this week to work with Rabble and finally release the iCalico source, though it looks like I’m going to first learn git to do it
  • making a little progress catching up on a serious backlog of writing.
  • seeing friends, especially those who’ve recently been opting out of the grind of Silicon Valley jobs/San Francisco geek party scene.
  • continue conversations I’ve been having with folks about privacy and social expectation, large datasets and inference, , open data, and of course OAuth.

Official Digitally Mediated Community Week

October 3rd, 2007

Online Community Summit pre-meetings kick off today, through the 5th.

Then CommunityNext runs the 5th and 6th.

While Graphic Social Patterns will be on the 7th, 8th, and 9th

Web 2.0 Expo

April 12th, 2007

Expo Cal is up and running an instance of iCalico, the social conference calendaring app (fancy way of saying tries to answer the, “um, what should I go see?” question), Rabble and I wrote.

In other Web2Expo news, my talk for Ignite Sunday night got accepted. Ack! Um, so I’ll be speaking (for at least 6 minutes) Sunday night on “casual privacy”.

Seattle and Portland

July 20th, 2006

I’ll be in Seattle this weekend for c@ts, held at the lovely Emma Goldman Finishing School.

Then in Portland all next week at OSCON.

See you there?

p.s. haven’t had a chance to look closely at the OSCON schedule yet, anyone got a list of not to be missed sessions?

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SxSW Virgin, Seeks Advice

February 7th, 2006

So this year I’m finally going to make it to SxSW (Interactive). I’ve been meaning to go for years, but I’ve always been busy, out of the country, or going to ETech.

So does anyone have advice on where to say, where to go, who to meet up with? Anyone looking for a roomie?

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Community at Etel: Emerging Telephony

January 24th, 2006

Etel started this morning, so if this the first you’re hearing of it, you’re too late to check the RAGI: Ruby on Rails with Asterisk talk, but not too late to check Evan and Blaine’s Phone Communities and Activism Showcase (you might have seen the preview at Foocamp), or Tad’s Speakeasy: Using Open Source to Overcome Barriers and Promote Community Development in an Immigrant Neighborhood. Conveniently they’re back to back Thursday afternoon.

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