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Upcoming Talks, Web2Expo, etc

April 19th, 2008

I’m speaking next Friday at the SF Web2Expo on Casual Privacy. I’m speaking in Dublin Speaking Thursday May 8th (2 weeks later) in Dublin on Advanced OAuth Wrangling. Hope to see you at one or both of those talks.

I’m also excited about a dozen other talks next week, as you can see from my Web2/iCalico schedule.

2007 Was Not the Year of the Addressbook

February 28th, 2008
from __future__ import the_cloud |identity|
      if the_cloud.geolocator(the_cloud.dopplr, the_cloud.fireeagle).nearby?(identity)

Last year I wrote a SxSW Twitter killbot, but what I really wanted was the above. I almost wrote it, but there were one of two annoying problems, and I figured someone else would write it for me.

Its one year later, I’m starting to realize that I’m about to go into conference mode again, which on top of a sleep deprived delirium, and a certain disconnect form external data sources, also is the only time when I have Twits come to my phone. And I still can’t do the above! What have you people been working on all year! Don’t make me come back there and start a start up.

Other questions I’ve asked my addressbook lately, and failed to get a response:

Please partition my social graph into a Dijkstra Nikon/Canon split.

Does Bob like cilantro? And is Alice lactose intolerant?

Do any friends.known_vegetarians.have_yelp_reviews(Austin)?

Lots of others, all unanswered.

FOO: Crowdvine, iCalico, Pathable, a Study in Collusion

July 11th, 2007

I didn’t make it to FOO this year, but I did send software in my stead, and its nice to hear that folks liked it.

We slaved iCalico to Crowdvine to add a social networking layer, a network that was walked, mapped, and color coded by the Pathable folks.

Tony has a nice report back on it, as does Shelly from Pathable (6 weeks aka a couple of late nights). And Scott Berkun (who owes me a copy of “Art of Project Management”!) said super nice things.

Collusion Patterns

So how do you do that — stitch together 3 different sites to provide a unified experience? Visions of APIs, Internet scale SSO, and messaging layers spring to mind. Or more likely hash and slash patches, jury rigged shunts, juggled install directories.

We did the dumb easy thing, and I’m surprised more people don’t do it.

  1. sets a cookie collusion. This cookie contains the data we needed to display the logged in view of iCalico. (you’re nickname and optional your URL). In addition it contained a md5 hash of the concatted data, plus sekret known only to Tony and myself.

  2. If we find the cookie collusion, we load the described user from the database, or create it on the fly behind the scenes.

  3. There is no step 3.

Amazingly useful, trivially simple, ultimately flexible. Niche sites are great, but you need techniques for stitching them together before they can realize their potential as pieces of an ecosystem. I don’t necessarily expect to see this kind of integration become more common, but I think it would be great if it did. (and in the name of transparency disposable apps are huge enablers, disposable sites/apps is another pattern I’m puzzled we don’t see more of — its as if we more inclined to converse bits then landfill)

update: Whoops, it was pointed out there was a step 3, or rather a step 1.5: use CNAMEs to point to individual components on sub-domains.