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CPAN & Reputation

March 5th, 2003

A few days of reading my scraped CPAN RSS feed, made me realize what an integral part of CPAN the PAUSE ids are. With so many…questionable…modules being uploaded it really helps to know who is what. I think this is one of the (many) examples where the CPAN clones fail to learn from CPAN’s success. So yeah, added the PAUSE ID to the feed.

update: I’ve moved the RSS feed (for the last time for foreseeable future) to CPAN recent module releases.

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I Want I Want

February 18th, 2003

Note to Self: Besides a better CPAN RSS feed, and better RSS feeds for lists, I also want an RSS feed for WSWS and exploding dog (I never remember to check them)

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CPAN’s RSS sucks

February 17th, 2003

Why does CPAN’s RSS feed suck so much?

It only lists the module name, and the link, even though the recent uploads page, also lists a one line description. Not only would it be trivial to include the one line description, almost every module on CPAN has all that cool POD stuff that would make it trivial to include a more detailed description (hint: the contents of =head1 DESCRIPTION), plus why not stick the HTML rendering of the full pod into <content:encoded>? (its looks like with version 2.0 the content module lost the ability to specify a format, or we could simply stick the raw pod in, and see what happens)

And the file is named “recent.rdf”, even though its RSS 0.91, hell they might be opening themselves up for a libel suit from Userland if the W3C doesn’t get them first.

Just starting to catch up from a weekend without Straw. (is anyone else alarmed that an RSS aggregator is the 2nd Google result for “straw”?)

update: I’m maintaining a scraped CPAN RSS feed.

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