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Subversion over RSS

October 9th, 2003

From the makers of Hydra, an eXSLT transformation that turns Subversion’s changelog into RSS. (via ranchero) I always said svn2rss was going to be more elegant then cvs2rss, but I never imagined it would be that unhackish. Cleary the SVN folks are doing something right.

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cvs2rss 0.2

February 26th, 2003

I released cvs2rss v0.2 (the “Fading Dawn” release) yesterday. Its only a minor tweak of cvs2rss 0.1 which has been happily working for me for a month now. (and needed surprisingly little fixing given that it came into this world under a cloud) Ben announced it, but I figured I should probably put something on my own site about it :)

Some future directions

  • Handle interactive CVS prompt better
  • Make the project self hosting
  • Make the config file more powerful
  • Incorporate all the lovely user feedback I get (hint)

Some example feeds I currently track.


January 25th, 2003

When I consulted the omens this morning they said don’t get out bed. So I wrote instead. I think its pretty cool, but then I’m not really trust worthy at the moment as I started halluncinating about an hour ago from lack of food and coffee.(thats the real problem with leaving college, no longer having a mini fridge you can reach from bed)

CVS -> RSS is a Perl script (and a couple of modules) that can mine an RSS feed out of a local cvs checkout. (though mostly it asks to do the heavy lifting)

Its kind of a hack, but its a cool hack, and I put sometime into thinking about what should values should be in fields like ‘title’ and ‘link’, and it works pretty well.

CVS & the Web

Currently depends on you to have a copy of ViewCVS(aka, the CVS browser on Sourceforge) running somewhere public for it to link to, but is designed to be extended for use with other web repository browsers.

An example CVS RSS feed for XML::RSS.

On a side note

Hmmm, starting to feel like the all-RSS, all-the-time channel around here (count ’em, 6 RSS entries in 5 days). I wonder if its too late to run away to Brazil?

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