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Pandora and the Vector of Personalization

January 7th, 2006

I’m getting good stuff out of Pandora mixing Frontier Psychiatrist with Feel Good, Inc. What are you mixing?

Recommendation cocktails are the way to go.

Most recommendations are either one dimensional (if you liked X you’ll like Y), or, more often, assume that all our little quirks added up describe our one true nature (e.g. Amazon). In fact we’re more complex then that, described by a multitude of often unrelated vectors. Pandora lets you experiment with the dot products.

Thanks Rob for pointing out this feature, I had missed it the first time through, and had written off Pandora.

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Knowledge Management, Blogging, and the CIA

August 14th, 2002

Knowledge managment and blogging has always gone hand in hand, especially before personal publishing was a legitimate buzzword, and there briefly flourished (and died, I hope) the term “k-log”.

Jon Udell recently had nice things to say about the Traction Software’s knowledge management solution, “best described as an enterprise Weblog system”.

He failed to mention, its funded by the CIA.

And here I thought the $5000 price tag was the only problem.