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Google and Health Care

July 2nd, 2007

Google’s decidedly creepy pitch to the health care industry to help facilitate their ongoing astroturf/PR campaigns has been all over the web.(after all who better to create fake consensus then the current undisputed arbitrator of the collective wisdom)

What I haven’t seen anywhere is anybody putting this together with Google’s quiet, and not so quiet wooing of the health care industrial complex at large.

Google has identified the health care industry has big growth, and this is the start of the full court push.

I wish Adam was still blogging. Be interesting to get his perspective on all this.

Visualizing a global parliament

April 27th, 2005

Rob, playing with the ideas of George Monbiot, put together a nice visualization of a district map for a “global parliament”, a proportional representation body to balance the 1 country, 1 vote UN model, a House of Reps, to the Senate as it were. I think the model is problematic, but its a good tool for exploring what a global democracy might look like.

(disclosure: I totally failed to help Rob come up with a clever algorithm for doing data smoothing over a set of 20 million cells. What can I say, I was a Comp. Lit major)

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