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The Other Firefly, Phoenix Like?

December 6th, 2005

I’ve been telling myself that someday I’m going to make it to Scott’s NY New Tech Meetup, ever since he mentioned it this Summer.

But boy do I wish I was going tonight apparently there will be a demo of

Firefly (decision-support application)

Um, you mean like Pattie Maes’ Firefly, that hottest, sexiest, most buzzworthy, proto-dotcom spin off of the Media Lab? (complete with rockstar founder). The one that was bought, and killed by Microsoft?

Of course, now in our wiser, more cynical age, who would be dumb enough to pour their metadata into a closed system? To trust a company to safeguard the gates of their community?

Just kidding.

Also demoing:, and (Apparently .us has arrived. Or at least someone is hoping so.)

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Bloglines Getting Bought? Who Next Flickr?

February 5th, 2005

Anyone else heard the rumor that Bloglines has been bought? No announcement on Mark’s blog, or to the internal list. Word on the street is they were purchased by Ask Jeeves, who has always been decidedly third rate. Alas.

update: some confirmation, and yes lots of people have heard it

update 2: I’m also hearing that flickr has fallen off the wagon (at the insistences of their funders), and will be going to Yahoo. Wonder how long till we see something on the flickr blog

update 3: Mark on the acquisition. No one else seems to have an independent source for the flickr rumor, but I’m sticking to it (I’ve heard a figure, but that seems confidential)

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