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Happy New Year!

January 10th, 2007

(ed: written on Jan. 1, so some days are a bit off)

Happy New Year’s. Blogs on a new server (ed: that was optimistic of me, wasn’t it?), running on a new platform (just WordPress, nothing exotic), and I’m thinking about New Year’s resolutions.


I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, but I joined a gym yesterday, and they had a gimmick where if you told them your New Year’s resolutions you got nearly 90% off. Thinking about what you tell a gym your New Year’s resolution is so that they can plaster the stair way with them (“Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men”, “Look better naked”?) got me thinking what my resolutions actually are for this year.

no 30

  • Joined the gym as I’ll be turning 30 this year, and I’d like to be at my “healthy weight” (210) when I do. Given that I haven’t been that weight since high school (while I was living in Australia, playing basketball everyday, and fasting), and that I wrestled in the 190+ weight class in junior high, and that I’m as heavy now as when I left Palm (full-time work is bad for my health) it will be something of a challenge.

  • Going to learn to drive. Again seems like learning to drive by 30 is a good goal, and its gating other projects.

  • The rise of professional blogging has really changed the medium, and I think Laughing Meme got pushed by the current into becoming more of a topical blog on web technology (and not a very good one), and less a personal blog. More personal blogging in 2007, or just less blogging.

  • One personal, secret resolution. More on that later if it works out.

Maybe I don’t make resolutions because they sound trite, and you want to say something about getting back involved in political work, or ending hunger, that kind of thing, all of which are too complicated, tangled, and personal to fit such a pat format.

Happy New Year’s all! (ed: now much belated)

Photo by Northerngreenpixie