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Mark Kurlansky, The Big Oyster

January 7th, 2008

“If a fish market in the right Manhattan neighborhood today could get hold of “wild native oysters” and market then as such, because this is how New York operates, it would probably be able to charge outstanding prices and have New York Times readers, after the article on wild oysters came out, gladly paying the price. […] And for all that, they would taste like cultivated ones.” – Mark Kurlansky, The Big Oyster

20lb of tomatoes

August 23rd, 2007

20lb of tomatoes, originally uploaded by kellan.

Book Pairings

March 21st, 2007

Some books are just better read together (or serially if you don’t do the book rotation thing.) Ecology of Fear and Decoding Gender in Science Fiction is a favorite of mine, two totally different projects that happen to feature the same authors.

Picked up another Mike Davis at the Anarchist Bookfair this weekend, the Late Victorian Holocaust (for $3!!!), and while its still early, I’m finding it to be an interesting foil to Omnivore’s Dilemma, focusing as they do on the beginning and the nadir of the global industrial food system.

Wondering if its something in particular about Mike Davis?

Do you have favorite pairings?

Yelp Feature Request

May 25th, 2006

I’d like to be able to filter Yelp reviews to only those by self-identified vegetarians. Yelp could you make this happen please? Or at least allow people to flag themselves as such (I could imagine other categories, like “I keep Kosher”) and perhaps decorate their profile icons with a little glyph.


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Simple Curry: Good, Easy, Healthy, Pick All 3

June 20th, 2005

Made my first batch of “Simple Curry Anything” tonight, and it worked out very well. Used some green beans (~0.5lb, raw, trimmed) from the farm, and a can of chick peas for the “anything” part. 30 minute cook time is generous, it really is an easy recipe. As I was still a little hungry at the end of it, next time I might incorporate some soy; either some crumbled firm tofu, or some cooked edamame to punch up the protein content. (was also thinking it might be good over quinoa) Looking forward to experimenting with the suggested variations. (tikka masala tempeh!)

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Indian Food in the RDU Environs

March 28th, 2005

If you should ever find yourself needing to kill an hour in the environs of RDU (Raleigh-Durham airport), I’d like to heartily recommend Tower Restaurant, as an excellent source for vegetarian, south Indian cuisine. In particular the Gunpowder Masala Dosai is not to be missed.

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Food Blogs Whither?

March 21st, 2005

Been cooking a lot more lately (factors include return to domestic bliss, nice new kitchen, weekly produce delivery, working at home), and been thinking that this aspect of my life is under informed by blogging. Anil says that the food blog community is on the rise (he also says a lot of other interesting things), and I’ve even heard that they tend to hang out at TypePad, but can someone recommend a good entry point? Especially for a vegetarian?

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Branding, Message, and Goat Cheese

February 23rd, 2005

I hear a lot about branding and message. It comes up over dinner, and when driving down the brand festooned streets of a major metropolitan area.

I’m not entirely sure how this relates, but I feel there are important lessons to be learned by Coach Farms, maker of the triple cream goat cheese brie we bought this weekend but whom Google knows as the premiere source of “Coach Farm’s Alpine Goat Semen: Now Available”.

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Thai Thom

December 4th, 2004

Seattle is a city, if such a thing is possible, with too many Thai restaurants. Many of them excellent. So when I say that Thai Thom is amazing, and stands out from the crowd, understand what I’m telling you. The food is phenomenal in a simple, street stall kind of way, and sitting at the counter watching the cooking is fascinating, and exhilarating, sharp knives, dancing flames, sauces and fresh ingredients flash almost faster then the eye can follow, feet and sometimes inches from where you sit.

Its a little whole in the wall which I’ve walked by literally dozens of time without ever noticing, right on the Ave, half a block up from 45th.

Be prepared to wait.

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