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Early feedback on PMOG – Needs Community

March 14th, 2007

Okay PMOG is super early in its life, but it intrigues me on a couple of levels (not the least of which is the engaging archetype art).

However there are some things about it which are broken. Not surprising in and of itself, but in the process of trying to report said broken-ness I ran into a larger problem.

No community space.

There is a Google Group but it’s a moderated announce only kind of thing (HINT: thats what you’re blog is for!) not a public discussion space. No message boards, no wiki (though presumably we could start one, Twitter Fan style), no groups.

Someone needs to see Andy’s talk about group forming, social software, and out of band spaces.

Especially for a game, a social game, an experimental game.

Uninstalled for now, in an attempt to reduce unexplainable spinnies.

Experiments in Feed Claiming

March 30th, 2005

Did anyone else play the Atari game Claim Jumper? It was awesome. Written by Gray Chang, one time UC Santa Cruz student. Also wrote Dog Daze another favorite. Somedays the nostalgia is almost too much to bear, get all teary eyed.

All off topic really, as this entry is really just me trying to claim my feed at Technorati and Feedster. (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain)

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