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RFC 4791, or CalDAV to its friends

July 29th, 2008

CalDAV is now available from Google Calendar and Zimbra.

At times I’ve been CalDAV’s biggest fan. A calendaring protocol which finally stopped actively pretending the Web didn’t exist (I’m looking at you IETF CalSch WG)! But it does seem like its been a hard slog to implement. Keeping my fingers crossed for the future.

(pointed out to me that merely because I found out about Zimbra’s CalDAV support last week at OSCON, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been available since January, mea culpa)

Briefly on Google Calendar

March 8th, 2006

Yup, I saw the Michael’s coverage of Google Calendar aka CL2. From what little information we’ve got sounds like they’re doing a huge amount of it right.

Personally most intrigued by the idea that they’ll “combine their event creation feature with a web crawl and parsing of event data”. We ask a number of things of our calendars (well at least three), and one of the most important and least served to date is synchronicity.

update [6 hours later]: Well, some of it right at least.

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