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Google Analytics, Solving Someone Elses Problem

August 22nd, 2006

Still frustrated and disappointed that MeasureMap has gone away, even if it never went as far as I wanted it to go.

Finally got around to trying out Google Analytics, maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I’m bored by it. Doesn’t answer the questions I’m interested in, though it did flag the interesting statistic that 94% of my visitors are “first time visitors”, which I imagine could also be dubbed the “I’ve got full content feeds” usage profile.

I guess I try Mint next, though the demos don’t look like a lot more then a (very) pretty face on my old analog install, and $30 seems a bit much to pay for that. And really I think stats for blogs need a domain specific package. But there seems to be an active plugin community around Mint which is promising.


update: Checked back today, it’s interesting to note that with a few more days of data IE’s percentage has already fallen from 42% to 37.6%. Maybe it wil fall to a 1/3? I, for one, have never believed that 95% market share number folks like to throw around.

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GCal Daily Agenda: A Retraction

May 5th, 2006

I mentioned before how much I liked the Google Calendar daily agenda by email feature. I take it back. Its completely worthless. Why? Because they send it to you whether or not you have any events happening that day. How many times do you have to get a daily emails with zero content before your brain stops seeing it? For me it took about 3 days, and then it faded into the noise of uncaught spam.

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Google Calendar nee CL2

April 13th, 2006

My favorite Google calendar feature: Daily Agenda, a daily email overview of the days events. Though when you’re in there looking at the nofitications tab you’ll notice no notifications via IM support. (even for those of us using Jabber/GTalk)

Least favorite: Search public calendars is wrong wrong wrong, not the least because it shows me calendars for 2005.

Feels more done then recent Google releases, but what will make it is the GMail integration. (or break it if we all migrate away from GMail at some point)

Bonus: a new Google syndication namespace with event elements:

<gd:transparency value=""/>
     <gd:feedLink href=""/>
 <gd:eventStatus value=""/>
 <gd:when startTime="2006-04-14T15:00:00.000Z" endTime="2006-04-14T16:00:00.000Z"/>
 <gd:where valueString="100 Somestreet St., Jamaica Plain, MA"/>


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Social Search and Aesthetic Judgement

March 29th, 2006

Great quote from Thomas Hawk comparing image search engines

“If I were Google and Microsoft right now I’d be thinking about where I could find about 2 million or so users to rank my pictures on the cheap rather than wasting time on all this other stuff.”.

Still I think 2006+ is going to be about rediscovering that smart computers can help us get value from the rankings of handful of personally relevant opinions as well as 2M strangers in aggregate.

update [2006/4/3]: It was pointed out to me that Google has a stake in von Ahn’s ESP game (not to mention a whole new CMU/Pittsburgh lab focusing on data mining and AI).

Privacy vs Agency

March 8th, 2006

One of the unfrequently mentioned costs of privacy is that you give up the ability to set your own frame. Or put more plainly, one of the benefits of blogging is taking control of your own story. (assuming you can manage the fairly minor feat of establishing yourself as credible source about you)

We don’t normally think in terms of the cost of privacy (other then as the operational cost imposed by one’s threat model), but it came up today, and I was intrigued. (See also Documentation in the Age of Google)

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Briefly on Google Calendar

March 8th, 2006

Yup, I saw the Michael’s coverage of Google Calendar aka CL2. From what little information we’ve got sounds like they’re doing a huge amount of it right.

Personally most intrigued by the idea that they’ll “combine their event creation feature with a web crawl and parsing of event data”. We ask a number of things of our calendars (well at least three), and one of the most important and least served to date is synchronicity.

update [6 hours later]: Well, some of it right at least.

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GChat Mini Review

February 8th, 2006

I use the GTalk Jabber network via Adium and I’ve been very happy with it, especially since they turned on federation. And I practically live in Gmail. I should be the GChat target audience. So initial impressions.


It slows down Gmail. And that isn’t good because I already spend way too much time waiting for Gmail. Some of this will be corrected with time, but loading time is noticeably slower, and it feels like day to day operations have taken a performance hit as well.

Slow Delivery

I’ve had at least two messages take 30-40 minutes to arrive. Presumably this is just launched hiccups.


I’ve got a 12in screen, and when the chat dialogs are up Gmail starts to feel claustrophobic. This goes double when I pause for a moment, and the chat enticement dialog pops up.


Gaim and OTR (and by extension Adium) mean that for the first time its trivial to have decent privacy in your messaging, practically for free. I’m not ready to give that up, and I can’t see GChat adding it.

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