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Massachusetts starts open source repository

March 20th, 2004

Massachusetts CIO Peter Quinn, as part of his stated goal to move all state and local IT systems to open source, has launched an open source code respository for the public sector to do shared development and best practices. The site has an impressive pedigree (via)

The repository will consist of a MySQL database, Z Object Publishing Environment application server, Apache Web server, OpenLDAP authentication service for storing membership data, and Debian Linux operating system running on an Intel-based rack-mounted server. The University of Rhode Island will serve as the repository’s home.

Quinn has come under attack for his support of open source, most notably from a group called Citizens Against Government Waste, a pro-Microsoft lobbying group (who can afford to use Convio).

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RSS in Utah

December 11th, 2003

About a year and a half ago, Ray Matthews put together the excellent RSS Workshop document, which was one of the first good RSS overviews I ever found. Apparently it worked as the Utah government is now heavily ‘RSSified’.

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  • December 4, 2003

    RSS in Government.

    News about how RSS is being used by international, federal, state, and local governments

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National Weather Service’s XML Feeds

November 12th, 2003

The NWS recently decloaked their experimental RSS feeds of weather watches, warnings, and alerts. They are soliciting feedback until Dec. 30th.

Check it out, and if you think it is cool as I do, and you think that the National Weather Service should be producing weather information in a public, easily accessible format, instead of having to buy that information from some commercial company, then you should contact them and tell them how excited you are to see this service. (because you know the vendors are going to scream when they see it)

Now that the NWS is almost ready to start issuing weather data on a 5kmx5km grid, Bob has said that they see their “future more like you give us a lat/long and we feed back xml for that ‘gridpoint’.” How cool is that?

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