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WordPress: Resetting your password the “hard” way.

November 19th, 2008

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If you’ve forgetten your password to your WordPress install it has a nifty email-a-one-time-key-to-retrieve-password flow built in. Which for some reason never works on my box. (probably has to do with how I have Postfix setup doing 2ndary MXing) In the olden days the solution to this problem was to connect your database and UPDATE the user_pass field with an MD5 of your desired new password.

But now we’re living in the future, so things are more complicated. I still connect to my database, and manually UPDATE users set user_pass=$hashed where ID=1, but now I need this handy script to generate the hashed password for me. Hopefully the 3 other people in the world this is useful for will find this blog post.

(And now I might start blogging again)

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Working Notes on Consistent Hashing

March 19th, 2008

Nice to see consistent hashing go from obscure to blindingly obvious in a few short whitepapers.

Dynamo is certainly the sexiest discussion of distributed hash tables (DHTs), while Programmer’s Toolbox Part 3: Consistent Hashing is the most straightforward. libketama is open and easy to use implementation of the 64-bit space mapped to a circle style consistent hash, discussed above and originally “popularized” by Chord. (and proposed over a decade ago)

And best quote:

“…and if anyone tells you that you shouldn’t use MD5 for this because it isn’t secure, just nod and back away slowly. You have identified someone not worth arguing with.”