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iCal confirmed

July 23rd, 2002

What a difference a weekend makes, and the difference is proof. (/me hums along badly)

Apple reps say they are using iCalendar, and plan to be at the next CalConnect event

ectomort formerly of fusionOne says “Apple’s got plenty of SyncML expirence despite the apparent silence”.

In response to Jason’s excellent overview of the calsch world, I want to say, that calling xCal (another name with venerable history) iCalendar version 3, might be over stating the case a bit. TimBL did do an intial XML/RDF profile of iCalendar, which was largely ignored, and rejected. Since then Frank Dawson, now working with the SyncML folks, has been trying to bring XML to a group that is very pre-Web, focused on BNF grammars, email, and custom protocols, not without a little friction. Notice that in the recently published Guide to Internet Calendaring, June 2002 there is one mention of XML, in the same sentence with the words: “non-standard”, and HTTP.

AaronSW: ” Hmph, TimBL and other W3Cers show them how to convert it to RDF/HTTP and they go and make it XML/BEEP.” LOL

Note: CAP isn’t really using XML, its using XML over BEEP as a transport layer for iCalendar blobs.

Apple and iCal (and iSync)

July 19th, 2002

There are lots of discussions going on about whether Apple’s newly announced, will actually support the venerable, and much discussed, though little deployed iCalendar standard (affectionately known as iCal)


  • In the keynote Jobs noted that the new will use SyncML (though no news about this from the SyncML people). The SyncML spec is largely written by Frank Dawson of Lotus Scheduling fame, who is also the original author behind vCard/vCal and the iCalendar spec. SyncML uses iCalendar as the data binding for calendar info. Therefore iCalendar data is coming out of iCal one way or another, hopefully Apple did the smart thing up front and made iCal aware.

  • “Send standards-based email event invitations”. So far iCalendar’s greatest success has been its profile iMip, which maps the scheduling aspects of iCalendar into email. Functioning if flawed implementations of this exist in both Outlook, and Entourage. I can’t imagine Apple is using something else.
Now this doesn’t answer some of the more interesting questions of whether will be a fully functioning CUA as laid out in iTip, or what its on the wire protocol for talking to .Mac will be.

Also, because it seems to be coming up a lot, iCalendar’s relationship to vCalendar is essentially a version 2, and is largely backwards compatible.