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KrazyDad: Mayor of the North Pole

February 16th, 2010

I’ve been blatantly cheating at foursquare for the past week … At some point last week, I devolved into a 12 year old hacker, and I spent many spare hours (and my computer’s spare cycles) abusing the system with a set of scripts operating fake accounts. Not only did I add new venues like the North Pole, but I started persistently checking into coveted landmarks, like the Statue of Liberty. – Jim

I would have thought that cheating at 4sq was so easy as to not invite this kind of concerted effort. Afterall cheating is implicitly allowed in the social contract of the site, a fact that may or may not have gotten lost as it expanded beyond the ex-Dodgeball early adopters, and the game mechanics forefronted.

I assume that Foursquare are carefully monitoring the return they get on the game mechanics, and at some point they’ll burn down the game, which was necessary to get the early adopters in the door, but which will forever strand the product on one side of the chasm, and move to a more utilitarian product — critical mass reach, social cascade ignited.

Yahoo! OpenID Provider, Flickr and Delegation

January 30th, 2008

The Yahoo OP is officially live today! Congrats to Shreyas and Allen for shepherding this for many months!

If you’re a Flickr user you can your photos URL (, or if you’re signing into a RP that supports XRDS, just use

You’ll also want to visit, and click on “Get Started” and customize your OpenID identifier.

Personally I just use as my OpenID. I had to futz around a bit to figure out OpenID 2.0’s slightly different syntax, but if you view source on this blog you’ll now see in the header:

<link rel="openid2.provider" href="">
<link rel="openid2.local_id" href="">

Corporate Media’s Race Bias

August 30th, 2005

White people find things. Black people loot things.

And from the archives The Invisible Whiteness of Beer Riots

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Documentation in the Age of Google

October 21st, 2004

When I was in high school I put some work into my conscientious objector portfolio. I let it slide after a few years when it became clear that CO status was probably going to remain a historical anomaly.

However the BBC’s “Google saves journalist” story makes me think that perhaps the concept isn’t moot, but merely mutated like so much in this modern age.

(alternate title: “You Shall Know Us by Our Pagerank”)

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Made it home (Santa Cruz)

May 30th, 2003

Flying, an activity I used to enjoy, is becoming miserable. The interminable lines, the ridiculous security, the half assed cost cutting measures really add up to a degraded expirence. I flew Southwest for the first time in a while, as opposed to making the trek down to New York to fly Jetblue. It cost a bit more (~$80), but the hassle of getting to the airport was significantly reduced.

A Few Thoughts

I am not impressed with the new heightened security. I was wandering around in my stocking feet, demostrating that yes my laptop turned on, and no I didn’t have a bomb in my coffee cup, and well on my way to inflitrating the American skies before anyone noticed that when I checked in Southwest gave me the wrong ticket, a ticket for one “John Kenner”, easy to see how that might be confused with the “Kellan Elliott-McCrea”. (then they tried to convince me I didn’t have a reservation because Sabre can’t deal with hyphens in names)

I hate the open seating policy. Its a smug piece of social engineering to get people to show up early, and board the place quickly, but it brings out the worst in people. Feeding frenzy/mob at the boarding gate is ugly.

After the ongoing cold gray in Providence, and a brief exposure to the blistering 110 degree heat in Phoenix (you couldn’t pay me to live there) it is wonderful to be in Santa Cruz where the weather is perfect.

Being in the house of Mac, I’m going to try to steal away some time to finish a redesign of this site I’ve been playing with, something slightly less generic, don’t expect wonders, but at least it won’t look quite so generic. (though it will probably damage my search ratings, not using MT’s well optimized layout, ah well)

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