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There’s a feed for that

January 19th, 2011

tl;dr photosnearme

I recently was added to a “People like John Resig” Twitter list. I am nothing like John Resig. In particular I suck at Javascript.

However, given the annoyance of properly constructing a Flickr geo feed URL (admittedly linked to from the bottom of every places page, but whose counting), I decided to make a script for it while waiting for the kettle this morning.

I broke out the jQuery (thanks John!) and some code from Weather Near Me, and now there is photosnearme for finding the feed of photos for the neighborhood you’re in. YMMV.

ps. I keep forgetting and having to remind myself, Chrome’s ridiculous over aggressive caching makes it totally unsuitable for development purposes. That was probably the hardest part of the script.

pps. I don’t care that RSS is dead, I still like it.

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February 13th, 2007

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say they wouldn’t use Ruby because it lacks automated refactoring tools. Ruby doesn’t actually need them in the way Java does; it’s like refusing to switch to an electric car because there’s no place to put the gasoline.” – Steve Yegge on the NBL

Comments Effect Fixed, Hopefully For the Last Time

February 7th, 2006

Phil finally convinced me that I wasn’t going to get the Firefox team to break the DOM standard in the name of elegant code, so I’ve gone ahead and added the two line Javascript fix for the comment refreshing effect. Let me know if you see more problems. (after you’ve done a force reload to make sure you have the latest typo.js)

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Comments Tweaked

November 6th, 2005

Comments should now properly refresh on Firefox 1.5rc2 (also fixed for any other browser that was deciding that $('commentList').lastChild means the smattering of whitespace between a closing </li> and the closing </ol>)

Also turned off the html filtering for comments which was acting as a “make ugly” flag. (BlueCloth seems to be finicky and difficult compared to Markdown implementations I’ve used before, and RedCloth claims to do Markdown, but didn’t when I tested it)

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AJAX using only an image

October 3rd, 2005

Does this technique open up the possibility of “smart” entries with rich Javascript controls in your aggregator? (and the concurrent security problems?)

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