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RSS/RDF catch up

August 12th, 2004

Life has a been a little crazy (diagnosis: monomaniacal) of late. If I haven’t gotten back to you since around June 25th it isn’t personal, if I have, you’ve been lucky.

Among the many items piling up in my inbox, have been RSS/Magpie/RDF links. Here is a dump.

rss2jabber is a wicked cool script for sending out RSS updates over Jabber. Haven’t played with it extensively, but the possibles uses boggle the mind.

RSS-WML is a RSS feed viewer (aggregator) for WAP devices. Requires PHP, and MagpieRSS.

Jo wins the “making RDF accessible” award of late with Class::RDF, a CDBI based triplestore, and RDF::Simple. I think there must be something about England that encourages Perl coding, be it climate, or culture.

The “much anticipated” XML::RSS 1.05 should hit CPAN in the next few hours. There is also a chance it will be going to better caretaker soon. I just don’t have what it takes to drag this beast into the modern era. (but I’ll happily chatter on about what is wrong with it, if anyone cares)

In the Magpie coming soon (I promise, really) department, Steve’s character encoding patches, a patch from Glen Davies adding support for fetching RSS via authenticated proxies , improved documentation courtesy of firetrap, and an update of the recycle code to work with the latest and greatest FoF from Ernie Oporto.

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July 29th, 2004

I didn’t realize DOAP wasn’t out when Jo was proselytizing it at the Aspiration convergence earlier this month. If I’d know that I’d have jumped on it, you know be one of those early mover cool kids. Now it is released, with a web page, and a OSCON session + Danny O’Brien write up.

My initial feedback is that we’ve got to stop being so damned cute with our naming if this stuff is going to get wide adoption, FOAF, LOAF, DOAP, come on!

Still, Magpie DOAP (hmm, have to see if I can use .htaccess to force proper content-type), courtesy of the DOAP-a-matic. Really Sourceforge should spit this out automatically, in the mean time it would be a trivial hack to write a Sourceforge RSS to DOAP converter. (that was a hint)

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