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Space for a *real* website around iTunes app store

August 11th, 2008

Empty Hall

I haven’t poured hours into it, but I have looked around a bit trying to find good iPhone apps, and I find the conversation frustrating and fractured — echoing and empty. And I think Apple’s its-a-webiste-but-not-really iTunes store is the problem. It is definitely a 2nd class web citizen, and one that has rather aggressively not learned the lessons of Web 2.0.

I’d love to see someone do a full on iPhone-apps-as-social-objects site as a translation layer on top of the iTunes store. It would be easy, and it would be awesome. And if Apple weren’t Apple (say if they were Amazon) you could earn a nice affiliate income stream. As it is you’d probably wake up every morning and check your inbox for a C&D, but still it would be great. You should build it.

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URL Shortening App?

March 14th, 2008

small boy big trees

Anyone got recommendations on a good open source URL shortening app (ala run at Flickr scale?

Its an easy enough problem thats its probably worth rolling your own, but I have to imagine there are one or two tricks.

Lazyweb, are you out there?

And yes, I know just asking this question means I’m walking perilously close to admitting that Dave might be right about something.

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How do I create a Thunderbird message filter for an attachment type?

October 12th, 2007

I want to create a rule in Thunderbird that forwards every email I recieve that has an .ics attachment (aka meeting requests) to an abitrary address.

And I can’t figure out how to do it.

Help me Lazy Web! You’re my only hope.

Help Please – OSCal Needs a Name!

September 6th, 2006

OSCal needs a name.

I never liked OSCal, but I couldn’t argue with the late night logic of “OScal – the OSCON Calendar” on the grounds of simplicity. And I might be talked into “OSCal – the EuroOSCON calendar”, but we all draw the line at “OSCal – the RailsConf Europe calendar”.

Plus we’ll be open sourcing it as soon as Rabble or I get a free moment, at which point the name gets really silly.

So, um, help? Good names needed. (not to mention short domains)

Rhymes with Orange?

Concepts I’ve been playing with: conference, event, calendar, social, schedule, discovery, interests, open, network, mob, triage, simple.

ONU – OSCal is Not Unix?

Best I came up with was “decafe” for “decentralized calendar for events”, which had potential except nobody likes decafe (and was already taken).

Not that I suggest you limit your creativity to the rather unfortunate geek tendency towards acronyms, short, pronounceable, and easy to understand when read over a loud speaker at the front of a echoing conference hall.

We need you, you’re our only hope.

(On a related note, I found that a .info domain name caused confusion and consternation among the presumably top percentile net savvy crowd at OSCON)

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Traffic, how do people do it?

June 8th, 2006

I have never in my entire life cared about traffic. I don’t drive, I don’t commute, my long commute in Seattle only took 20 minutes to walk because the line at Lighthouse Roasters was so long.

Now I find myself painfully aware of the ins and outs, and more strangely the cardiovascular health of the Bay Areas freeway systems. Major clogs and blockages have serious impacts on my plans.

So um, how do people track this stuff? Presumably there is some sort feed, or maybe SMS notification I sign up for customized to roads I care about?

I hear we map traffic here at CorporateHQ, which I guess would be fine if traffic fascinated me and I wanted to monitor it all day, but really I don’t have the attention for that, and I was thinking about something a little bit more interrupt driven, and targeted.

Anyone got a suggestion?

update: People did, including * move * listen to the radio * “dialing 511 on your mobile phone can help. It has a Tellme (or at least, Tellme-esque) voice interface that’s kinda annoying and hit/miss, but you can at least tell it a major highway by name and it will tell you about any delays right now on that highway.” * Y! traffic rss | grep ‘101|280’ | SMS

thanks everybody!

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Yelp Feature Request

May 25th, 2006

I’d like to be able to filter Yelp reviews to only those by self-identified vegetarians. Yelp could you make this happen please? Or at least allow people to flag themselves as such (I could imagine other categories, like “I keep Kosher”) and perhaps decorate their profile icons with a little glyph.


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State of the Art of Offline Aggregators?

May 20th, 2006

A lazy web request (or jet-lagged web as the case may be)

Is NetNewsWire still where its at for OSX desktop aggregators? I’ve been away from the desktop so long I don’t even know the players.

Do any of the aggregators do pre-fetching/offline-ing like NewsMonster did back in the old days? (Or did MarkP perhaps nip that line of development in the bud??) Something, you know, for long train rides?

Are there open source clients that sync with the NewsGator API, and run on Linux or do only NewsGator products sync with NewsGator?

Also want a host of other attention based/sensitive features, but to brain fried to put those into words. In the mean time I think the reading list will under go serious (if perhaps temporary) winnowing.


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Another Vertical Search

February 9th, 2006

I’m sure if I could ever get Zillow to load it could be interesting, and for many out there I’m sure HealthLine is useful, but would someone hurry up and launch a vertical search that allows me to find hotel rooms with fireplaces or better yet cabins with woodstoves? (In other news, unseasonably warm or not, I’m tired of New England winter)

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Boston Holiday Art Sales

November 30th, 2005

Fort Point Holiday Sale: Friday, December 9, 11am-7pm, Saturday, December 10, 11am-5pm

Museum School 25th Annual December Sale: Thursday, December 1, 12-8 pm (Opening Celebration: 5-8 pm), Friday, December 2 – Monday, December 5, 12-6 pm

MassArt’s Annual Holiday Sale: December 5th – 10th; 10am – 7 pm

In other news, it really should be easier to add events to Upcoming, and Markdown needs support for microformats

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Gmail-like Open Source IMAP Client?

September 7th, 2005

I haven’t seen it, but someone has got to be working on it, so where is the open source webmail app, that can front-end my IMAP server, and works like Gmail? So calling out to the LazyWeb I haven’t seen it, but someone has got to be working on it, so where is the open source webmail app, that can front-end my IMAP server, and works like Gmail? So calling out to the LazyWeb

Its funny, Gmail just added the one feature that I was missing so much that I was ready to leave, the ability to customize the From: field, and yet I’m more ready to leave then ever. Why?

Spam false positives.

Bad Spam Filtering

False positives, are unforgivable in a spam filter, especially lots and lots of them. False positives mean you have to manually look through every spam message you get and manually check that each one isn’t spam. I don’t know what algorithm Google is using, but it sucks. I’ll admit my address has been out on the web for years, and so I’d understand if spam was getting through (and it does), but what I can’t understand is why:

  • mail from the moderated mailing lists I’m on get flaggeds as spam
  • mail from people already in my inbox gets flagged as spam
  • mail from people who I’ve emailed gets flagged as spam
  • mail from Google HR personnel

In particular Gmail seems to hate the microformats list, of which a significant percentage of the traffic gets flagged as spam. Editorial commentary I wonder?

Which is really a shame, as Gmail (or any of the centralized mail houses) should be in possession of plenty of information to do an excellent job on the filtering.

The Potential

And once we had our own Gmail-like client we could adding features without having to rely on Greasemonkey scripts!

My short list:

  • mailing list aware
  • roles ala Pine
  • GPG integration
  • archive this thread (aka conversation) and all future messages to it

That plus client independence with the IMAP backend. There have been a few good comments added to my original Gmail IMAP post if anyone is looking for inspiration.

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Food Blogs Whither?

March 21st, 2005

Been cooking a lot more lately (factors include return to domestic bliss, nice new kitchen, weekly produce delivery, working at home), and been thinking that this aspect of my life is under informed by blogging. Anil says that the food blog community is on the rise (he also says a lot of other interesting things), and I’ve even heard that they tend to hang out at TypePad, but can someone recommend a good entry point? Especially for a vegetarian?

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IMDB needs RSS feeds

August 29th, 2004

I’d like to be able to subscribe to an RSS feed of my favorite writers, directors, and actors to find out when they have new projects going into production, or about to be released. For example, I’m just finding out about Silver City, which means I’ve totally lost the fun of anticipating it for months already.

Ideally IMDB would supply these feeds as screen scraping is never a good option, but I’ve got to say IMDB is up there in the top 20 or so easiest sites to screen scrape, the format has been largely static for years, and the URLs are simple, if not particularly flexible.


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