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Index my IMAP?

March 26th, 2004

Does anyone know a good tool for indexing and searching IMAP folders? I’ve played with Zoe a bit, and I had trouble getting it (and keeping it) running, and it did more then I wanted, and was comfortable delegating.

Basic feature set would be a server resident process that indexed my IMAP folders and presented a simple search interface. Ideal features would include browsability, vfolders, and sorting by lists, etc. (yeah, yeah, sounds more and more like Zoe, I know)

I found a quick hack that implements the basic features, but I’m really worried about the foot print of Java on my server (though am willing to experiment if it turns out that all these products are built on Lucene), and am also hoping to find something that feels more mature. (and funes is another, which gets bumped up the interestingness scale by being written by Nelson Minar, and quoting Borges)

I suppose a tool for indexing and searching maildirs would also work.


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