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Long term laughing meme trends

January 4th, 2009

I was thinking about doing one of those my most popular blog posts of 2008 vs my favorite blog posts of 2008 posts (see Sippey for an archetype of the genre). And I noticed that the pickings were kind of sparse: 152 posts in 2008 including MLPs[1] and photo posts. Which got me wondering how that stacks up against past years:

2009: (1)
2008: ++++++ (152)
2007: ++++++++ (199)
2006: ++++++++++++++ (359)
2005: ++++++++++++++++++++++++ (602)
2004: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (1058)
2003: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (1268)
2002: ++++++++++ (249)

Maybe I’ll try to get back to and find those populate and best posts, but right now I’m trying to decide how I feel about the those posting trends.

  1. What’s an MLPs: when I had my link blogging separated out as a separate stream, that blog was called MLPs, short for “Mindless Link Propagation”, the kuro5hin category for link blogging.

And We Find Ourselves Back Where We Began

January 29th, 2007

I feel so prescient! Having merged my link blog for 2007 I find I’m part of a movement of old skool bloggers. I wonder what this says about the evolution of blogging, from links, to narrative, and back to links.

Flexible Category Lists for WordPress

January 12th, 2007

One of the side effect of overloading (perverting?) the WordPress category system to do tagging is you end up with over 1000 categories. The posting interface gets unhappy, and the wp_list_cats template tag becomes pretty much useless.

(This post is another WordPress meta post, one of several I’ve got queued up in my head, and probably interesting to 3 people in the known universe, but here you go.)

better_cat_lists is WordPress plugin that adds a couple of more flexible methods.


works like wp_list_cats, but only categories with $cat_threshold posts in them.



works like wp_list_cats, but only from posts with the last $n days. You can also limit the total number with $cat_limit


Both methods use the same hack, they overload the list_cats_exclusions callback to do positive match instead of the intended negative match – appending and cat_ID in ($cat_ids) to the exclusion string. PHP at its finest, quick and dirty, like monkey patching but without language level support for it.

Laughing Meme, Rebooted

January 10th, 2007


About a month ago the creaky, heavily forked, and largely neglected version of Typo I was using to host Laughing Meme, started blowing its brains out. And for the preceding 6 months I had been losing the war against comment spam. Additionally I had reached the conclusion that while Mongrel changes the game for Rails hosting, not enough to make it cost effective for a blogging platform. Time to reboot.


One month to the day, please welcome the new revived LM, now on WordPress!

This will mark my third attempt to migrate to WordPress, the last time was about 48 hours before I moved to Typo. Hopefully it will stick this time.

Pardon the Dust

Lots of work still to do on templates (they work on my laptop! what’s your problem?), some links are broken, I haven’t spent as much time crafting the feed formats as I’d like (terribly out of character I know!), and I haven’t migrated over the comments yet. All the old links should work, and if you do find 404 please let me know. (Not only are the permalinks from my Typo install working, but also all of those from the MT install before it!)

All One Big Stream

Given that most of my blogging lately has been link blogging, I’ve moved this content into the main stream (and the main feed). A separate feed just of links is still available, and as soon as I do a bit of hacking a stream of everything but links will also be available. I won’t however be pumping every bookmark, photo, twitter, and burp through this feed. Separate temple of ego may someday appear, but no one will be auto-subscribed, I promise.

WordPress Wants

Hey all you WordPress users. Do you know of plugins, snippets, or examples of:

  1. Good WordPress tagging interface? Don’t make me revive my tags4wp code. Please
  2. Stripped down posting interface?
  3. Good archives?

I Have No Blog, and I Must Share!

And by way of fair warning, I haven’t had a blog for a month, so expect updates to be a bit fast and furious for a while.

Thanks everyone for bearing with.

Photo by Drift Words

Summer Lull Early this Year?

April 25th, 2006

I’ve certainly been quiet (especially of anything of substance), Brian is playing hooky, LtU is a ghost town. And thats just the people drawing attention to themselves. The blogging Summer lull is a recognized phenomena, but April seems a bit early.

Like Brian, I’ll have some exciting news to announce soon, and hopefully a return to blogging in the near future.

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