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June 30th, 2006

Just got the keys to my new apartment. Feels so good to have my own space again after being on the road on and off (but mostly on) since March.

Does anyone else stand in an empty house and think what a pity it is that soon it will be covered in a layer of stuff, clutter, the scuff marks of daily life? The inevitable loss of purity leaving you a little melancholy. (or is this merely my personal pyschological justification for being poor at decorating?)

Reprieve! The truck designated to move my stuff from Boston never made it to our JP house, as the driver was pulled over for speeding, and the truck impounded with an expired registration. And suddenly the reality of those poetic notions of emptiness come crashing home, and I gnash my teeth over my tardy cookware.

And lastly, my neighbors being of suspect character, there is not a single open access point within range of the apartment, not even from the fire escape. (there is always wifi from the fire escape; the city delighting as it does from the absurd image of folks hunched over glowing screens, their legs dangling next to the collapsed ladder.) Rather predetermining tomorrows first task.

update Kamei is the perfect place to get a bowl-plate-knife-pot-pan-kitchen-for-3-weeks for cheap while still buying stuff you’ll want to keep once the rest of your stuff arrives. And the variety of glazed cermanics is amazing. When I was building tabletop fountains this was the place I always wanted but didn’t exist in Santa Cruz. Pair with a lunch time visit to Burma Superstar for a lovely Richmond outing.

And they sell popsicles makers! I didn’t know anyone sold popsicles makers anymore

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