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MLPs for a Meta-Web

November 24th, 2002

In the queue

Reactive Interfaces

Facetted Classification

Bottoms Up: Designing complex, adaptive systems, from the co-author of the Polar Bear book.
  • On: Why Yahoo inspired taxonomy build is a bad idea, that generates unusable results.
  • Says: Facetted classification is about changing questions. In taxonomy based systems the central question is “where do I put this?” but in facetted (bottom up) approch you ask “how do I describe this?”.
  • Facetted classification can also be thought of as a database where ” facets are fields, [and] controlled vocabularies are acceptable values.”
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Quick Links from the Underground

November 21st, 2002


Mark is back from his near month long hiatus, and on fire.

newdoor – is an aggregator that learns using seed data from Blogging Ecosystem. Usable agents, and the promise of webservices in one fell swoop.

He is also talking about how hard it is being perfect, and the traps of XHTML 1.1.


Over at the boingboing guest blog, Clay Shirky has also been on fire.

Continueing the theme of group forming found in new door, Shirky hilights seminal documents in 3 online communities (LambdaMOO, Slashdot, and Wikipedia), in his post Morning constitutional(scroll down), links to work on developing a social rhetoric, and links to the oldie, but still relevant, The Tyranny of Structurelessness.

Online Organizing Sucks

I’ve got lots of links, ideas, and rants about group forming, online organizing, and managing discussions all bubbling inside my head right now. No time to blog them. Hopefully soon.

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Scams, Hashes, Anarchism

November 1st, 2002

Scams as class warfare?

Teresa: “scams take the forms they do because they’re parodies–no, a better way to put it: they’re cargo-cult effigies–of the deals the ruling class cut for themselves.“, on how and why scams work.

Perl behind the curtain

Abhijit: sub perlhash { $hash = 0; foreach (split //, shift) { $hash = $hash*33 + ord($_); return $hash; }, on how and why Perl hashes work. :)

No more just taking them for granted. The only time I’ve ever felt insecure about using Perl was a when a C programming friend was riffing on how he could never be happy with mass produced hashes, and insisted on rolling his own.

We are everywhere

debian-devel: Is Debian Anarchist? (via anarchogeek)

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Shiny Mud Balls: The Soul of MLP

June 6th, 2002

Shiny mud balls; latest craze to sweep Japan – this is why I read boingboing

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