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Moving to New York

June 3rd, 2008

new york, ny

Some of you have heard, some of you haven’t, but Jasmine and I are getting up next week (June 12th) and moving to New York.

The plan is to go on working for Flickr, and fly back to SF once a month or so. So if you could plan your camps/parties/meetups/conferences accordingly that would be swell.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the East Coast. (And while we haven’t really gotten a feel for the new apartment [in Williamsburg], its looking like we might even have something resembling a guest room.)

We’ll be driving back via the not most direct route (which will surprise no one who knows us) that takes us past the Grand Canyon, Austin, and New Orleans. (thats as far as the map I’m looking at goes) So any suggestions for anything from sights, to food, to places to stay, to good people along those stretches, to great audiobooks to fill up empty bits in the road are all appreciated.


December 13th, 2005

We’ve been talking about a move to New York ever since I moved back from Seattle, just over a year ago. (Boston, as much as we like it, has always been a way station)

Recent events have moved up our timeline (which had been lazily extending itself for months) and now we’re looking to make a move by the end of the year. (as in 18 days and counting)


So we’re looking for housing, either short term, or not, immediately, if not sooner. Any tips would be great. (ideally something more then “Brooklyn, baby, Brooklyn”)


And I’m taking this change to seriously start looking for the next gig, which has been on the back burner. If you read this blog you have a sense of what I do, and what I’m interested in.

If you happen to know a team doing cool and innovative work, that could use a LAMP(R) hacker, syndication guru, and/or calendar wonk, put them in touch. Additionally if you know someone interested in getting some perspective on the evolving nature of the Web, the network, or open source from someone who has been engaged in the work and community for 8+ years, I’ve been know to wear that hat as well.

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In NYC This Weekend

September 28th, 2005

Current plans are to head down to NYC this weekend.

I’ll be hanging in Queens with friends, maybe we’ll celebrate Stephan finishing his thesis Unions in a ‘Globalized’ world: has globalization undermined the efectiveness of unions, and what strategies might be effective in responding? (or maybe I’ll just sit there with a copy and a dictionary)

Hopefully we’ll get together a Serenity viewing party (rumor has it that Mr. Social Design Notes himself, might also be a fan),

Definitely I’ll be at House 2.0 Saturday, with Amit, whose book just sold out its first two print runs.

And if there is any time left after all that, maybe a little a neighborhood scouting.

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In Boston

December 12th, 2004

I’m here, I’ve landed, saw my first snow flakes come wavering out of a blue sky this morning while waiting on the queue at Centre St. cafe.


We’ve looked a half a dozen apartments, I’m getting good at interpreting Jasmine’s “no way, get me the hell outta here” look. We’ve got our fingers crossed on gorgeous little apartment a couple of blocks up the wrong direction on Day St. from Hyde Sq. Young couple, moving to S. Africa for a year, looking to sublet. Neighborhood could be a bit grim at night, but you should see the granite counter tops! Unfortunately we’re second in line.

A bit more conventionally, and a bit more expensive, we’re debating a nice place we saw in one of the faux brownstones on Lakeville.

Still if you’ve got any tips for nice apartments for 2, pondside in JP, let us know.


Next I’m going to go looking for some sort of indoor sports league because it sure ain’t cycling weather (well today it would have been brisk, but soon…). I’m intrigued by Dan’s mention of a North Shore dodgeball league, but its a bit far for me. Anyone know of something?

I’m also thinking of reviving my “Programming 101 with PHP” tutorial I did for Ruckus Tech Camp, and turning it into a class at the JP Free Skool if anyone would be interested. Maybe in exchange for someone offering some Photoshop classes? I don’t know, its a thought.

Mostly I’m just hunkering down, and surviving a hard core case of jet lag, which seems to more existential then physical and planning what comes next.

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Where in the Country?

December 4th, 2004

Still in procrastination mode. Sorry to anyone who subscribes to this feed for substance. (anyone?)

Found an online survey Find Your Spot, which purports to recommend where in the US you might like to live. I found the results interesting.

In order: Little Rock (??), Portland, Baltimore (??), Honolulu (does everyone get that?), DC, Providence, Eugene, Santa Cruz, New Haven, Boston, Corvallis, Hartford, Ventura (??), San Francisco, Baton Rouge (??), New Orleans (totally ignored my comments on humidity), Fayetteville, Charleston, Sacramento (no thank you!), Santa Barbara, Salem (OR), Frederick (MD), Worcester

Little Rock? As the #1 place I should move? I have my doubts.

I’m surprised by how many Southern cities were on the list since I’ve never considered living in the South and I’ve thought about living all over the world. I wonder if the problem is me or the website? Also tended to skew towards smaller cities then I would have expected.

Interestingly I’ve either lived in, been to, or grew up in almost every city on the list. (and frankly I’m a little surprised Seattle didn’t make the cut)

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Moving to Seattle?

July 22nd, 2003

Despite what I might have told you, it looks like I might be moving to Seattle very soon after all. (Not going to work for Microsoft)

Which brings me to one of my least favorite tasks in the whole world…finding housing. I’m looking for suggestions in terms of resources (is Craigslist the way to go? is there a native alternative?), and neighorhoods (young, happening, coffee shops, good food markets, bike/public transporation friendly). Work would be near Seattle Pacific University, and I’m a non-driver.

Also anything else I should know about the city?

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Escape to New York

December 2nd, 2002

Going through another quiet spell. Probably has to do with being totally overwhelmed with:

  • looking for housing – any leads on housing in and around Boston, particularly the Davis Sq. area is appreciated
  • preparing a grant application to the Open Society Institute to fund IMC open editing tools
  • preparing a presentation to Five Colleges Inc, to convince them to reprise their role as first paying customer for the latest round of calendar software. they were the people who funded the original development of Calendrome, and made possible

Spent the week down in New York City. Learned that preparing Thanksgiving dinner in a kitchen that usually gets used for making coffee, and the occasional quesadilla is not a good idea.

Found out that a friend of a friend has spent 3 years trying to get accepted to the Army. I found that very sad and ironic. I tried to talk him out of it, but without success. (is there a way to represent that as FOAF?)

Learned Bloomberg is trying to destory public transit, both raising the fare to $2, and continueing the policy of hard balling transit workers.

Discovered that my New York friends contain a surprisingly large percentage of unemployed philosophers from whom I learned of the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild, the only place you can buy Will to Power bars, plush Freudian Slippers, and a Karl Marx beanie baby.

It was also one of those strange weeks, when everything you read seems to relate to each other.

Ecology of Fear takes a surprise swerve to talk about the “demonized Other”, feminized utopians, and Octavia Bulter, Decoding Gender in SF‘s bread and butter, who in turn is talking about Donna Haraway and her cyborgs, as discussed by D&G in 1000 Plateaus which is threatening to insert itselfs in my (re-)reading queue. (because as Calvino says, “One never reads the classics, only ever re-reads them”) Strange.

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