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Help Please – OSCal Needs a Name!

September 6th, 2006

OSCal needs a name.

I never liked OSCal, but I couldn’t argue with the late night logic of “OScal – the OSCON Calendar” on the grounds of simplicity. And I might be talked into “OSCal – the EuroOSCON calendar”, but we all draw the line at “OSCal – the RailsConf Europe calendar”.

Plus we’ll be open sourcing it as soon as Rabble or I get a free moment, at which point the name gets really silly.

So, um, help? Good names needed. (not to mention short domains)

Rhymes with Orange?

Concepts I’ve been playing with: conference, event, calendar, social, schedule, discovery, interests, open, network, mob, triage, simple.

ONU – OSCal is Not Unix?

Best I came up with was “decafe” for “decentralized calendar for events”, which had potential except nobody likes decafe (and was already taken).

Not that I suggest you limit your creativity to the rather unfortunate geek tendency towards acronyms, short, pronounceable, and easy to understand when read over a loud speaker at the front of a echoing conference hall.

We need you, you’re our only hope.

(On a related note, I found that a .info domain name caused confusion and consternation among the presumably top percentile net savvy crowd at OSCON)

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Ruby is Overloaded

March 8th, 2005

Searching for notes on a project I’m working on with Ruby I’m finding stuff on Rails. Searching for a pingback impl. in Ruby, I’m finding Sam.

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