Blog posts tagged "networks" “Your Network”. Initial Impression.

April 28th, 2006

Presumably the new feature “Your Network” is just the start of a roll out as it falls a bit short of the hope and promise from Joshua’s talk at Berkman last year.

Two most critical missing features * tags from my network (otherwise I just have a new link stream to drown in) * what did my network think of this link? (as an API!)

Also I want multiple networks. * if the brilliance of is it allows me to simply express the various vectors of my interest, shouldn’t my interest in having someone in my network (which is opaque, and 1-directional, and definitionally about interest, not squishy social stuff) have as rich an expressive language?

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How to Install on OS X

September 5th, 2004 is a Perl wrapper for the excellent GraphViz library. Installation is easy, download Graphviz for OS X, which is adds a slick GUI on top of the command line tools, drag it to Applications, and add /Applications/ to your $PATH (probably want to do this in your .profile so it persists). Now perl -MCPAN -e 'install GraphViz', and your done.

What I want (and I’m surprised doesn’t exist) is a Graphiz to XHTML/CSS renderer, for small to medium sized graphs seems obvious.

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